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0.8955 First off, you seem to be super keen on getting involved with insects - that's great!
0.8857 Just googled that - that is certainly a very pleasing font :D
0.8578 You can pm me if you're interested :) I heal and my partner tanks so it'd be a friendly group and we wouldn't have to use discord or teamspeak :)
0.8516 Yeah I found flashcards super useful when studying too!
0.8481 Sounds like lots of great opportunities around the corner
0.8356 Oh wow, that sounds brilliant!
0.8353 Thank you for your advice :) That's very true!
0.829 I think what I loved the most were my coworkers, they were so funny and we all got on like a house on fire.
0.8169 Some YouTube videos are quite good too :) my advice would be to try and do it a little and often, as it's quite easy to forget of you have a few months break
0.8118 I think it looks great, very clean and sharp!
0.807 Oh my goodness Heidi is gorgeous!

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-0.6476 But no current plans to return, sadly!
-0.6378 However, especially if you have been diagnosed with depression, i'd think about changing to a different counselor/therapist that will listen to your anxiety fears more respectfully.
-0.6369 At peak stress levels I ended up asking my partner to check my email for me... I hate that feeling of checking an email that is important.
-0.5697 Had to google that, I am very sad that Word doesn't have this!
-0.5563 School can be very stressful.
-0.4939 Oh i'm sorry to hear that :(
-0.4927 That's so frustrating.
-0.4926 I don't think I could return to that line of work again due to the worry I always felt!
-0.4767 Buying a small tank for a betta fish... Before you know it that one small tank has multiplied into an entire room full of weird plants and crazy aquatic species.
-0.4019 Might just be me that's so fickle that I have trouble doing without now.
-0.3786 Especially try places where you might not know if the user is a boy or girl! Also try and keep in mind that at that age girls are just as unsure of boys as you are of girls!
-0.34 Getting stuck into that can be one way to get over the nerves of being in school.