/u/Cedricium is very positive!

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0.8842 Love the simplicity of your EDC as well :D
0.8832 Did you pick the API you wanted first or just thought a synonym-finder would be useful? Regardless, great work and I look forward to seeing all your other neat projects!
0.8516 Haha thanks mate, cheers!
0.8363 lol you sure that's not your evil twin?!
0.8176 Any variation from the original ASCII graphics is pretty sweet in my mind.
0.8016 Looks and works great on mobile, very nice functionality.
0.7964 But you're the best, thanks again mate.
0.7841 Great job, I really like it.
0.7739 I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with, keep us posted :D
0.7713 Can confirm, u/scherzo- was very pleasant to trade with and can be trusted.
0.765 Looks like I'll just need to create a new world haha

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9107 Not saying you're wrong, but the risk of losing a ton of money doing a price match isn't that great.
-0.7184 Makes me sad I won't be in that position for another 4ish years :(
-0.6124 His initial comment was something along the lines of "you're a douchebag anyways for congratulating yourself."
-0.5423 And two, if the price is crazy low we'll double check ourselves.
-0.4767 Hey, what's wrong with that?
-0.4404 She still hasn't seen it though :(
-0.4019 The new case is entirely metal, causing me to believe based off what you said that the signal is having trouble going through that.
-0.4003 Will be 21 in a few months myself :/ We've got this though!
-0.1759 Keep up the hard work though!
-0.0516 Noob question, what tileset are you using?
0.0 Also, what language do you use for the cubesat software?
0.0 It's for my [own personal bot].