/u/Carthageinruins is slightly positive.

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0.8922 I'm just taking communications 101 and English 102 for my first ones to ease in, but I'm excited because I love learning and got over the fact that being 35 is too old.
0.8689 My family is pretty great like my siblings and grandma and my mom.
0.8651 Rushmore, the descent, inside, sunshine Rushmore is subtle in its humor with so many great one liners.
0.836 Funny how south philly is pretty nice now.
0.7579 My older half sister complimenting me on how pretty my lips were.
0.7506 Lol, thank god for baconreader.
0.7456 They called him few names this time, progress Also LOL
0.7351 On the other hand he also helped give life to my brother and sister and honestly I don't know what I'd do without them
0.7316 Very clean and easy to navigate
0.7184 Well, for one thing it wasn't what id say was a loving home.
0.7177 I'm glad I could help!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8271 That common core shit is brutal though
-0.7579 My son told me to go suck a dick when he was 6 because I was teasing him for spilling his juice
-0.743 Damn that's some heavy shit.
-0.7053 Reddit fuckboys who have nothing better to do but cry about reposts
-0.6901 They won't change and it's just fucking evil
-0.6774 Nexus 5 was amazing the 5x was mehhh Fuck Samsung, the bloat alone will drive you mad and rooting it, while I was able, was not worth it.
-0.6705 My dad killed himself 3 years ago
-0.6597 I guess my professor fucked my A up, huh http://i.imgur.com/KH098mr.jpg
-0.6597 Murdered by gypsies?
-0.6249 But I assume you mean worst imaginable?
-0.5859 That there are more than two genders and expect people to cater to their bullshit
-0.5574 That no matter how polite or reasonable you are during a debate or argument there's always going to be some asshole who has to keep going at you