/u/Carthageinruins is kind of a dick.

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0.9001 My best friend and I will do a hit and laugh all night.
0.8651 Rushmore, the descent, inside, sunshine Rushmore is subtle in its humor with so many great one liners.
0.8449 For a family so rich, you'd think they would dress better instead of looking like a drag queen.
0.8074 Its how we became best friends.
0.8027 Take very very good care of your pancreas
0.765 We have a wonderful friendship and we just get each other
0.7579 Honestly I have spent my fair share of sleepless nights researching and reading anything I could find on them.
0.743 Honestly, any of them where I actually put thought into it and gave honest answers.
0.7096 Good luck with that.
0.6757 Everyone says it bad, but I love Your Highness.
0.6705 But those enlightened abandon hope for truth

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8962 People were making up shit to the managers to try and get me fired so beginning of each shift I had this looming sense of dread about what might happen.
-0.8402 Haven't been on in a while but they have all sorts of crazy shit they found out
-0.8357 I researched pizza gate for days and found out some even more fucked up atrosities that other pedophile rings have commited that nearly destroyed me mentally.
-0.8316 Shitty management and everyone hated me for some reason.
-0.7964 Mayer Rothschild, so I can find out their secrets and than rob his ass
-0.7939 It doesnt change the fact that The Cosby Show was fucking terrible and stupid
-0.7783 You guys are dumb as fuck, the CIA is espionage, FBI does the manhunts.
-0.7312 Like what the fuck, did a knome fuck a troll and thats the result??!
-0.6808 When I am sad or crying that he immediately lies down next to me and snuggles up to and staying by my side until I am feeling better
-0.6705 My theory is that social media allows them to be a dick and remain mostly anonymous with no real consequences.
-0.6597 Its fucked.
-0.6597 Heres whats fucked up.