/u/Carthageinruins is slightly positive.

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0.8922 I'm just taking communications 101 and English 102 for my first ones to ease in, but I'm excited because I love learning and got over the fact that being 35 is too old.
0.7351 On the other hand he also helped give life to my brother and sister and honestly I don't know what I'd do without them
0.7328 What do you play? If you want a really really good producer, my boy Jeff from ten ton hammer is the drummer and also produces their music.
0.7316 Very clean and easy to navigate
0.7177 I'm glad I could help!
0.7144 Production is a little rough but I loved it.
0.7003 I hope she is doing better.
0.6948 The outro to this song is so perfect
0.6908 I adore his mom, who I do consider mine as well
0.6908 one dying wish is my favorite saetia song
0.6808 I'm pretty excited for how it turns out since I watched them record most of it and while they aren't screamo, they are HEAVY https://youtu.be/KtRy7cUuSq0

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-0.8271 That common core shit is brutal though
-0.7579 My son told me to go suck a dick when he was 6 because I was teasing him for spilling his juice
-0.743 Damn that's some heavy shit.
-0.6901 They won't change and it's just fucking evil
-0.6705 My dad killed himself 3 years ago
-0.6597 I guess my professor fucked my A up, huh http://i.imgur.com/KH098mr.jpg
-0.6249 But I assume you mean worst imaginable?
-0.5994 Today I've aquired You and I, My America is watching tigers die, and Capacities
-0.5927 I hate myself literally has probably some of them saddest but fucking coolest lyrics ever
-0.5859 That there are more than two genders and expect people to cater to their bullshit
-0.5574 That no matter how polite or reasonable you are during a debate or argument there's always going to be some asshole who has to keep going at you
-0.5563 I'm extremely a pain in the sed with it.