/u/Carminefields is kind of a dick.

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0.7845 When you take away someone's freedom, you owe them support.
0.7845 She's beautiful and graceful.
0.7579 I'm not talking about throwing them at some Dickens-level, unregulated charity either. If you think life is precious, show it with your wallet.
0.743 Texas has one of the first world's highest maternal mortality rates thanks to these lovers of life...
0.7096 Good luck with that.
0.7096 Good luck. So?
0.6947 It shouldn't mean opposing quality of life but it pretty much always does. That's because "life" isn't what they're truly interested in.
0.6908 But she's forcing us to help her son at the cost of millions of dollars while her husband will deny our children vital medical care.
0.6705 That's probably pretty fair.
0.6562 Ahahaha....Go save the babies in the basement!!!!
0.6326 In fairness, Kushner is now running literally everything so there *is* a good chance he was involved.

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-0.9618 Hillary made a stupid mistake but to pursue charges against her alone while ignoring Trump's constant crime is ridiculous.
-0.8549 If a policy doesn't hurt or result in the suffering and deaths of women and girls, it's not what they're interested in. This is a fake Christian hate movement.
-0.8316 What Rubio called for *is* evil, mean-spirited and stupid.
-0.7721 She's not classy, she's just less of an attention whore than the rest of the Trumps.
-0.7351 They also try to shame poor children and make them do janitorial work in front of their peers to earn that 75 cents. This is why the anti-choice movement rings so fundamentally false.
-0.7351 No, but anyone not pro-Trump would recognize that he is now and always has been an actual criminal.
-0.7351 They want to rub the whores faces in their mistakes.
-0.7184 Meanwhile the same people who make these statements have no problem with Trump giving Russians info and daily violating the emoluments clause.
-0.6914 Do people not understand that, thanks to republican policies, there's a lot of poverty in America?
-0.6757 The same people simultaneously pass laws to kill innocent women suffering from pregnancy complications. According the anti-choice hate movement, zygotes are people but women and girls are subhuman.
-0.6628 I guarantee the "laugh" was about the time she was interviewed about defending a child molestor as part of her pro bono work as a lawyer. She wasn't laughing about child molesting either, *sigh*.
-0.6486 The anti-choice movement wants suffering and tax cuts which is as anti-Christian as you can get.