/u/Carminefields is kind of a dick.

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0.9136 Yep, I knew that it wasn't a victory but this made me feel better. Thank goodness for the ACLU.
0.8316 But, to me she has a delicate, feminine beauty with lovely eyes.
0.8312 Honestly, you can tell she's scarred but she's quite beautiful now.
0.8248 I'm fine with a relatively young newbie like Obama but the only thing "fresh blood" ever got us was trump and the tea party.
0.7717 Brilliant, thanks.
0.7579 Why did that country coincidentally help him win?
0.7506 But the 18 points is important because it shows the faltering of a party in one area where the should be the strongest.
0.743 I'm gonna step in here and say that Trump's tailors deserve a Medal of Honor.
0.7184 The people enjoy entertainment.
0.705 There's only so much cloth can hide but when you see Trump in his golf attire, you know they do an amazing job.
0.6705 I mean, you'll get some women for sure but that money could be better spent.

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-0.9246 If Sanders had beaten Clinton they'd have dragged out the rape essay, they'd have attacked his wife's financial history, they'd have hacked his and other people's email accounts and released them.
-0.9209 I want a wake-up-call that this shit that Texas has been demanding for at least a generation is cruel and horrible.
-0.8885 I'm saying everything is in chaos right now and no one knows what the hell is going on.
-0.872 I try not to get too caught up in schadenfreude, but damn it's hard to feel bad about this one.
-0.7625 *facepalm* Okay, I don't care that you're calling me stupid and I'm not reporting it or anything, but you will be banned for it if, so be aware.
-0.743 Everyone, right or wrong, gets caught up in the damage.
-0.743 The ban hasn't passed, they're just going to bear arguments in October.
-0.7269 He still changed habits to host it. Nothing here was forced, accidental or a misunderstanding.
-0.6908 I read it and, while, she's saying he's terrible, she's suggesting he's Machiavellian. I disagree.
-0.6901 Fucking horrific.
-0.6808 If all citizens are blocked, it could cause irreparable harm.
-0.6808 Why does he ignore it when foreign Muslims attack American citizens in America?