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0.8591 She has all the warmth and charm of Angela Merkel but she had a great plan.
0.8271 Thank goodness enlightened Bernie bros are here to tell us how immature we are.
0.8041 Actions speak louder than words and I won't minimize women's rights and freedoms so we don't hurt a hate group's feelings.
0.7964 I had a discussion with a Bernie bro yesterday explaining that it's okay to sell out women's rights for wins on "real issues" like things that affect men.
0.7949 She won the popular vote so don't pretend Trump beat her with the American people.
0.7906 She genuinely wanted to be a centrist way to promote economic growth while improving the lives of Americans.
0.7778 You can't do that when she's significantly more popular than the man who won.
0.765 The mob rule in the smaller states won thanks to the electoral process.
0.7543 No candidate in history went through the same Russian smear campaign Clinton did. I love sanders but if you think they'd have let a principled, socialist Jew win, you're delusional.
0.7506 However, Clinton *still* won the support of most Americans and Trump did not.
0.7351 A couple hundred supporters tops while pissing off sander's biggest support group.

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-0.8718 Certainly not all women are at risk of death, which I feel makes your "50% of the population" argument a bit disingenuous. Ectopic pregnancy affects 1/50-1/75 pregnancies and is highly fatal.
-0.8709 We'd have heard about his rape essay and his wife's college's financial problems and if there wasn't enough dirt they'd just lie. Nothing Clinton has done was that bad compared to Trump.
-0.8689 Beyond that, republicans continue to try to stop making maternity care mandatory so women and babies suffer and die. The anti-choice movement is a hate movement.
-0.854 She was more popular with the electorate than Trump. He's legally the president but more people supported her so this bullshit that anyone could have beat him but Hillary is just that, Bullshit.
-0.836 Georgia tried passing a bill making it illegal to "abort" already dead fetuses.
-0.8074 How much do you wanna bet that anti-abortion democrat hasn't worked on a single bill to help women, underaged girls, babies, children, rape victims etc? Back us into a helpless corner and run away.
-0.8074 He's weak, gelatinous evil.
-0.8047 Yes, it's definitely better for America that trump is evil *and* incompetent vs just evil, but he still deserves a failing grade.
-0.8006 If we get nothing else out of this disaster it's that we have to start teaching critical thinking skills in this country.
-0.7964 If you have to keep returning to a technical error, your argument is weak. Kenny's first comment was gloating.
-0.7913 This was a choice between not supporting a candidate looking to steal women's rights or supporting him.
-0.7689 This isn't even a smart political decision. Sanders fucked up.