/u/Carminefields is kind of a dick.

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0.7269 I started watching and it was Trump talking about his good friend of many years, Jeff Epstein.
0.6908 He also said that deep down, you know it's true that good people jumped into a nazi tiki torch jamboree.
0.6486 I'm not the initial commenter but the cases against him were successfully litigated.
0.6369 I love Vanilla ISIS.
0.6369 I love it when Shep goes off.
0.6352 He's highly trustworthy!
0.631 It should be, but it's still nice to watch a rickety excuse kicked out from under Trump.
0.5961 I guess what Trump did isn't so bad, everyone's doing it!
0.5106 He did free slaves.
0.4973 He might be trying to push the idea that he's not a nazi or racist.
0.4767 I'm not saying it was right wingers, but I certainly won't write it off, either.

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-0.9552 They're up because they fought for America and eventually ended slavery. The confederate side is up specifically because they betrayed America and fought to enslave other human beings.
-0.8836 Is it beast or is it ball? I do not like this thing at all. It haunts my dreams With tortured screams But the sucking sounds are worst of all...
-0.8742 But no more conspiracy bullshit.
-0.8649 If nothing else comes out of this disaster of a presidency, I hope the media rises from the ashes and starts holding liars and frauds accountable.
-0.8627 There were bad people amongst the counter protestors, no doubt at all. There wasn't a single good person on the nazi side.
-0.8598 No American that didn't support him or has fully seen the error of their ways has anything to be ashamed of.
-0.8561 You're throwing a lot of non-credible sources and nonsense that add up to nothing but look like a giant pile but it's shit from daily wire and YouTube.
-0.8545 He's always been a particularly cruel racist.
-0.8316 Trump is the one that's a big enough loudmouth to start war with NK and civil war at home.
-0.7845 You can be against everything they stand for while teaching about the dangers of hate and oppression.
-0.7579 It's time to stop blaming low level liberals for republican actions.
-0.7269 Just anger and blame.