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0.9575 TOS and TNG are my favorite series but I love all of it and everything behind it and it all makes me happy :)
0.9551 So I'm glad it went like that for you, and I hope that they keep supporting you and helping you get the help you need :)
0.9366 There are other situations of course, but it sounds like your friend best fits this general category.
0.9359 that's also a really cool set of spoken languages :) which one is your favorite or, like, sounds the best to you?
0.9325 I'm thankful for all of the amazing people in my life, for my cat, for the incredible opportunities I have, and for the beautiful places I've been.
0.93 happy new year :) I hope this coming year will be the best one so far
0.9296 Some other commenters have already said this, but I think it's important to echo that perfectly healthy people don't cut themselves.
0.9246 I'm honestly just way too busy right now, but I'll definitely consider it in the future, thanks :)
0.9161 sorry to hear things are rough, but glad you're back and know that you're always welcome :)
0.9034 You're a really awesome guy and I'm so glad you're still around <3
0.9001 I can't imagine it was easy, leaving behind the name that everyone is familiar with, but it sounds like they thought it through and made the choice they thought was best.

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-0.9337 So many people react in totally unhelpful ways, and it's just bad for them, bad for the person self harming, and bad for the relationship.
-0.7845 If suicide notes are going to bother them, should they have to sacrifice reading this subreddit over that?
-0.7783 Scars do not always reflect the pain of the self harm inflicted.
-0.77 People use different mechanisms to inflict pain, and some of those leave big, inevitable scars, and some of them really won't ever scar, not matter how much it hurts to do.
-0.7506 I have had a similar experience, fucking up and expecting my parents to just be ashamed and angry.
-0.7269 After all, they are also suicidal and affected by self-harm.
-0.6909 It may not be depression or anxiety or the emotional trouble that a lot of people here struggle with, but it's something wrong.
-0.6908 Each person has different reasons and feelings about their self harm, and there's no one thing that they all need advice about exactly.
-0.6908 So even if you try to stop and fail, it still won't be too late to try again.
-0.6808 To a lot of people, it's about the pain as a reaction to mental struggle, and has nothing to with what other people see from the outside.
-0.6605 Self harm is typically defined as anything that you do to intentionally hurt yourself, so yeah this includes biting and scratching.
-0.6597 A lot of people forget that self harm itself isn't usually the whole issue.