/u/Camo92 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.886 I'd be happy to help you gorgeous
0.8764 Ps love the little play with the bikini bottom in first picture makes you look so playful
0.8503 Very sexy Accent definitely helps coming from an Aussie
0.836 I'd certainly love to slide in and find out for myself that's for sure
0.8313 You've got great skin colour and a very sexy body.
0.8211 Great ass great tits very very pretty.
0.8126 You're hand is covering the best part
0.8011 Wow they are nice!!
0.7906 The best one lol
0.7579 Hey need some help washing that amazing body
0.7579 I'd love to unwrap you please

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 But if I was near that body there would be no Netflix and no chilling
-0.5274 Don't pay attention to the guys with the negative comments they don't know what they are on about.
-0.4497 I was on my way over to keep you company but I seemed to get lost along the way
-0.4201 But your camera absolutely sucks.
-0.4019 Lose the glasses.
-0.296 Fuck that pussy looks inviting
-0.2023 Definitely would fuck toy, over and over
-0.0772 Sorry for digging up an old post
-0.0258 Sexy as fuck.
0.0 Can't wait to see more
0.0 How about a new one?
0.0 I'd rather be inside another part of your body