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0.8591 I love the one in the picture, it has so many nice little details like the neckline and the lace panels.
0.8591 I honestly think that it's a beautiful dress and you look stunning in it.
0.8481 Gorgeous invitations - I love the design.
0.8221 I think it sounds great for a festival theme!
0.8162 Yeah, I really like pretty much of all her dresses.
0.802 Good point, although it's the gold lace detail that I like - I'll be wearing henna and I think it'd be a nice match.
0.765 Thank you for your reply and your research, that's a great starting point.
0.7506 Beautiful dresses, thank you for the links.
0.7351 Yeah, you guys are gorgeous.
0.7177 Japan is so beautiful in the autumn season
0.7118 They LOVED it, especially as they had both been on strict wedding diets beforehand!

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-0.4215 Sugar is also my major weakness.
-0.4215 It's got to the point where I don't have any photographs from myself from the past couple of years and I can feel my insecurity about my weight holding me back in everything I do.
-0.296 I just took a look at your wedding dress photos and in no way are you a whale or any of those things.
-0.2924 I guess I'm not much of a fan for etiquette, because I wouldn't want her anywhere near my wedding.
-0.2411 Google reverse image search says it's made by [Ulyana Aster] though I'm not sure which exact piece it is.
-0.2225 If not I really dont think it's important unless you think she'll be immediately sending ring pics to everyone!
-0.2014 I imagine so, I wouldn't want the risk of getting it all the way there to find out that it doesn't fit or suit me.
-0.1232 They did it through a company - not sure which one I'm afraid but there are plenty to choose from.
-0.0772 Sorry you've had to put up with such toxic behaviour.
0.0 I think it is the Avril gown from Rue de Seine, in which case it also comes with an off-white slip.
0.0 Your stats are very similar to mine and I'm not a mother of two, so go you!
0.0 We can do it!