/u/Broccoli_Robbed is very positive!

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0.9013 You are extremely cute, have wonderful freckles, and an amazing body.
0.8899 You are absolutely the cutest on /r/gonewild and I very much enjoy seeing your posts :)
0.8805 That is a great pic of Madeline Zima, who is pretty stunning!
0.865 You look absolutely beautiful in the dress, and equally as beautiful out of it!
0.8519 Not to be captain obvious here or anything, but I do rather enjoy watching you take your clothes off :)
0.8481 I love you and your Led Zeppelin quotes :) House of the Holy is my favorite Zep album, so now I have songs from that album stuck in my head.
0.8414 She really does have magnificent breasts that jiggle ever so gently just right.
0.8398 Wow, what a beautiful sight with which to bring in the new year!
0.8172 Oh my goodness, I know this is late, but it would appear that the absolute cutest girl on GoneWild has the hottest Halloween costume!
0.8126 Brightened my day for sure :)
0.7845 Still beautiful :)

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-0.6318 Juno Temple is a celebrity crush of mine so I'm very jealous of Daniel Radcliffe right now.
-0.5574 It's called fantasy, dumbass, and she's allowed to have them too.
-0.4404 used to be /u/annalynn :(
-0.3612 For the lazy: http://imgur.com/a/j2eIq/embed#0 And also, a short article/interview: http://www.dailydot.com/society/reddit-gone-wild-nina1987-photos-interview/
-0.3595 You were missed!
-0.1759 I was stunned even before you took your clothes off!
-0.1027 Hard to believe she was in Empire Records
-0.0772 This set of pics makes me want to put my cock inside you, then snuggle.
-0.0067 That is an incredibly hot dress, first of all, and second, I'm QUITE jealous of the person who was privileged enough to be greeted with that body at the end of his date.
0.0 What difference does it make if it's a woman that "thirsty internet nerds" can't have anyway?
0.0 This needs more upvotes
0.0 Aaaaaaand now I've climaxed