/u/Brainiacazoid is kind of a dick.

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0.7717 But it is pretty damn good and I enjoyed it, which is more than I can say about a lot of movies I've watched this year.
0.6249 Can confirm that about 80% of people are awesome.
0.5413 Kiwi here, thought it was deeply relaxing.
0.4728 Picked her up immediately and most likely saved her life.
0.4404 Was it a good old clone bone?
0.4404 Thanks dude.
0.4404 Thanks bro.
0.4199 Goddammit, of course he's getting the ladies with a name like that!
0.4019 I just thought you guys were trying to break a record for world's largest tea party or something.
0.4019 What a clean fish.
0.3773 He saw the opportunity and didn't want to let it slip.

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-0.9217 Remaining 20% are either dumb fuckers who piss you off, people trying to haggle beyond the point of making a profit from the sale, or impatient bastards.
-0.8805 Dead eyes and all. Fucking hell.
-0.8176 What the hell is this madness?
-0.7824 Jesus fuck that ending was so depressing.
-0.7783 It's sad, horrifying and concerning all at the same time how deep into the delusion she seems to be.
-0.7528 The point is OP doesn't have the video so stop being a dick about it. Here's the [IMDb page] instead.
-0.6808 What the hell was he trying to do?
-0.6808 What the hell are you blathering about?
-0.6808 What the hell do you expect?
-0.6486 Feels bloody tense living in Wellington.
-0.6249 We have the "bit of a dickhead" list.
-0.5994 It's a bit more accurate to say "if you die before you breed you suck".