/u/Boblucifer is very positive!

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49Overall Score
52Positive Score
6Negative Score
41Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.9381 WoW beauty I love to bend you over and play with you!
0.8617 WoW beautiful boobs!!!
0.8516 Wow love your boobs!
0.8433 I would love to cum on your beautiful tits!!!
0.8402 Wow I would love to
0.8398 WoW beautiful!
0.8398 Wow beautiful!
0.8398 Wow beautiful belly!
0.8271 WoW beautiful nature
0.8122 Wow I would love to cum on her tits!
0.807 I would love to Kiss you anywhere!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.4215 I have a weakness for the color purple
-0.3578 Wowbeautiful tits!!
-0.2244 I wish it was my dick!
0.0 Wowbeautiful
0.0 Fucking hot
0.0 Fucking hot!
0.0 Wowbeautiful boobs!
0.0 Wowbeautiful
0.0 Wowfucking hot!
0.0 Fucking hot!!
0.0 Fucking hot!
0.0 I cant see from here...Maybe you can send him?