/u/Bio-Shocker is kind of a dick.

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0.9161 Well, this will give you TONS of seals, but the best part is the chunck of XP.
0.8531 Bueno, si nunca jugaste wow, vas a tener MUCHO que hacer, pero caes en el problema que vos decs, el F2P de WOW es una pija.
0.7003 Its easy to make profit.
0.6752 It comes down to a choice between time or money, but i think GC its the more balanced and effective way.
0.6705 HQ means a lot, too. Yes, moogle quest are a bless for 50-
0.6124 yeah, I guess. Its still true for GC Delivery and Levequests.
0.5574 New craftings thus new ways to make me rich. I also dont even know what is going to happen with DoH in Stormblood.
0.5106 Well, yeah.
0.4466 Gatherer items are OK, i guess, since its harder to flood them
0.4404 Lets say you have all the lvl 40 HQ gear, with a good food you can make a HQ lvl 45 item.
0.4404 Its can be a big profit, though

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-0.7906 Depende, Cuanta guita quers gastar? El Guild Wars 2 es el MMO que menos guita pods gasta, as que si no te va y no quers gastar, ests en el horno man.
-0.5994 Are the omnicrafters going to die already?
-0.5574 Chabn, parece que fuera un extraterrestre que le rob la piel a alguien.
-0.5267 Slo necesitas 1 personaje, que puede cambiar de clase cambiandose de arma), que es un montn la verdad, sobretodo para saber si te gusta o no el juego. Probalo, no seas cagn.-
-0.5267 Los das de Gym no me puede faltar un boxer, y un da que salgo no me pongo ni en pedo uno desteido/medio roto/manchado. Mis remeras son todas lisas, y mis jeans, clsicos.
-0.5267 No encuentro uno que tenga algo que no sea viejo, todo Folklore.)
-0.4939 Yo tambin quiero, pero me identifico como mujer Im gonna be mad now
-0.4019 I remember coming back, MAKING MORE OF THEM and trying to sell them, unsuccessfully
-0.3525 Specially if its Crafting/Gatherer gear. Furniture is cool too, but you need to make big investments, and it wont sell that easy.
-0.3374 Im always searching for people who do that and then start to craft and flood that item again, so i can sell the item at a higher price. So, i wont recommend doing it with crafting items.
-0.3182 El delay de las skills es as.
-0.296 Porque no la usaste para averiguar si poda aprender a chapar bien?