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0.9166 Don't think it would be as fun playing solo, but with 3 more friends, this game looks extremely fun!
0.9136 Free market works best and makes it overall best for everyone.
0.886 wow you truly are perfect.
0.8803 We don't drink dirty well water, dirty river water, we don't die from mild viruses and bacteria, we live in a more sterile, cleaner, safer environment all around.
0.8591 And yes its safer and better environment for humans as well.
0.8516 Watched AngryJoe play and it seemed like a very fun experience when playing with 4 people.
0.8268 So yeah, they should form dance groups and dance for world peace and clean everything.
0.8225 There are already 98% of the population of such people, go join classical liberals, go join republicans or democrats depending of how much your love goes for big government.
0.8221 I think libertarians should move back to the even smaller government side or no government side, rather than becoming like everyone else who love and support big government!
0.7964 It disables win10 spying and reporting back to base, but it doesn't really disable any actual proper services or things like that. Its 100% safe and reliable.
0.7871 That doesn't make this agreement good!

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-0.9652 You can't say Muslims are evil, Muslims are bad, its a religion of violence, without having context and without looking at history. And those are bullshit numbers you just turned out of your ass.
-0.9466 We have facts, we have the numbers, more people die from bee stings than from Islamic terror attacks or terrorism overall!
-0.9419 But still there is a lot more domestic terrorism from home grown terrorists, rather than Muslim terrorism.
-0.9349 Either way drone/airplane strikes for example have killed over 15k innocent people over the past 2 decades, this is not to mention the 1 million dead Iraqis, the over 200k dead Afghans, etc....
-0.9193 But the argument still stands, it absolutely destroys the bullshit collectivist Born morons and their idiocy!
-0.8984 are ALL great and questioning any vaccine from any company for any disease is evil and bad! Imagine if we had the RETARDED propaganda for cars or for toys, for food, for clothing, etc...
-0.875 All it takes is someone one with a weaker hearth or some medical condition to cross this street and die from the absurd scare.
-0.8516 Piece of trash! Don't fucking go around saying Muslim terrorism is the biggest threat because its not.
-0.8511 These politicians make me sick, if someone gave me immunity with the power to do so, I'd kill them all, all who voted for this bill that is.
-0.8442 That is just bullshit fake line with no basis in reality.
-0.836 There is no doubt that governments always take and abuse what is given to them, so human control, population control will happen if they get their way.
-0.8126 Constant conflicts, civil wars, political uprisings, mass graves, etc...