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0.886 They have to honor the contract. In fact pretty much 95% of stuff should be treated without insurance and hospitals should become services like other things like cable tv or internet.
0.872 End those programs and allow for the private market and charities and social clubs and mutual societies to provide help and relief.
0.8629 **Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve and shall get neither Liberty nor Safety.** - Benjamin Franklin!
0.8622 I mean on the 1 in 1 million chance there is something bad like that, I'd still prefer freedom and the ability to sell lemonade over the DELUSION of safety, which is not there!
0.8553 It benefits society to have educated people who have actual skills and more knowledge and are better equipped to work more sophisticated jobs.
0.8481 The government supporters in true libertarianism believe governments role is to respect our rights and enforce contracts.
0.8421 The richest and most powerful, not the poor idiots who elect them delusional that things will change.
0.8402 There is no contract and yes I'm actually pretty sure I'm smarter than 99% of politicians around the world.
0.8202 Name one government EVER!??????? I don't know of any government EVER that has actually defended liberty and protected our rights.
0.8074 Its also better when your processor is underutilized. In order to gain an advantage though, the engine has to be built to use DX12 pathways and more direct coding.
0.802 I'm yet to see one actual libertarian from the LP or even someone like Ron Paul who ran as a conservative win.

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-0.9766 Just in the 20th century alone government have killed over 250 million people OUTSIDE OF WAR!!! So no, there is no bigger chaos and death ratio outside of government.
-0.9595 Do you want actual rape, actual child abuse or do you want people watching rape, child abuse?
-0.9538 I mean if watching crime take place is a crime, that watching murder videos, terrorism videos, burglary videos, etc...
-0.9402 If they infringe upon them that means they are not protecting your rights you stupid retarded idiot, it means they are infringing upon them, that is what the word means you brainless cock sucker!
-0.9258 In most cases like murder, rape, terrorism, beheadings, etc...
-0.907 Now I'm not saying it's easy and maybe she was too afraid, but blaming someone else for her misfortune is really crappy.
-0.8834 But you are making it seem as if there will be chaos and everything will be destroyed and the earth will stop rotating if we had no monopoly of force.
-0.865 Its called DEMOCIDE and its death by government outside of war!!!
-0.8553 You can justify Nazism murdering of Jews by that bullshit line!
-0.8505 That is so untrue, so ignorant, I can barely sustain myself calling you tons of names and insults to bury it in how absurdly wrong you are!
-0.8286 There is NO contract, stop making shit up.
-0.8271 Yeah, poverty was on the decline for over 40 years, then government started the "war" on poverty and poverty has more than doubled since then.