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0.9712 Sure, but in Dota 2 your feel like determines which hero you play, since all 120 heroes are free.
0.8658 If there is an issue there, you might want to reinstall the drivers, I suggest you do it the best way possible and that is uninstall in safe modem then install the latest ones fresh.
0.8519 I'd go for the best cooling though, which either the MSI gaming X or Gigabyte Xtreme gaming. But otherwise pretty much any 1060 6gb is okay.
0.8481 Trump has flown on the lolita express more times than Bill Clinton, he clearly likes fucking young underaged teenage girls as much as he loves fucking his daughter Ivanka and they have him.
0.836 Could use a great pc like that, huge upgrade over my 5 years old PC now.
0.7876 It wasn't though, but he expected to do better than shared 5/6th place.
0.7777 Its like driving a ferrari on natural gas, you know one of those added-on tanks that you put natural gas in?! So it doesn't really make any sense.
0.75 The god that is your government would certain spend it better!
0.743 Set a custom fan profile that is more agressive, say push fan speed at 40% when it reaches 50C, push fan speed at 65% when it reaches 60C, see if both fans spin.
0.7311 You should be fine without any overclocks, but if you are spending $760+ on a GPU, why skimp out on a good solid PSU?
0.7096 The only people getting benefits are free loaders.

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-0.9287 Its violence, its coercion, its tealing, its death, they can kill you if you resist paying your taxes.
-0.9263 That is the RETARD leftist propaganda shit fuck!
-0.9232 These elitists think people are so dumb, so ignorant, that they will bend over and take every rape the UN and big government gives them!
-0.9182 Especially when "criminal" under this retarded hellish system means smoking 1 gram of marijuana and you are a criminal.
-0.9022 You shouldn't have been banned obviously for that, but "climate change" is such a bloated fucktard leftist word that it is rage inducing! The climate ALWAYS CHANGES, ALWAYS HAS, ALWAYS WILL.
-0.8555 Governments have killed more people that any other unnatural death.
-0.8442 Might damage various components, you might experience a crash, you might get bsod or just total shut down.
-0.8439 Its called 'DEMOCIDE' its death by government outside of war!
-0.7997 Its got nothing to do with it, its just a red herring, its a PROPAGANDA COMMUNIST RETARD WORD!
-0.7783 They literally blocked off and guarded an empty fucking rock that is used as a war memorial.
-0.7724 There is no tax, no regulation, no government bureaucracy these newer "libertarians" don't like.
-0.765 This is just bullshit and you are purposely shitting it.