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0.8858 I really hope that Trump does take the time to read this and try to appreciate what was written. What surprised me was his high praise for the UN.
0.8658 Canada loves you and appreciates your support.
0.7184 That on top of all mainstream media outside of Fox News actively supporting Hillary, of course the results were skewed.
0.7096 She is the type of person who likely would hide things so she would be given the advantage rather than being fair and honest.
0.7096 Sustainable peace and security will only be established by changing attitudes, beliefs and behavior.
0.7003 Not a Harper fan but I was proud to see he stood up against Russia.
0.7003 What's interesting is that I have friends in US who also are experiencing similar issue.
0.6997 Yes that's very true.
0.6908 She was all-in-all an HRC cheerleader when really her jobs should be to scrutinize all candidates regardless of who she personally wants to win.
0.6808 She could easily ask her own question if she wanted to and not read the one in her hand.
0.6369 Whether it's from fox news, cnn, or msnbc - what matters in this article is the great interview with Assange.

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-0.9325 Warning his congregation that punishment of apostasy is death, perhaps persuading anyone questioning about leaving that technically with Islamic law, to leave would be to be put to death.
-0.8764 She is very weak, extremely naive, and an ignorant SJW always on the wrong side of issues.
-0.8546 Murder is murder, it doesn't matter what country you're in. Towards the end he says that when you come into Islam, you create a contract and the contract has implications.
-0.8312 Not to be rude, but women who wear the hijab in the west are very insensitive to those who are forced to wear it in the east.
-0.8271 It emboldens everyone else to say "fuck no", sadly making room for extremists to then blame all the woe's of the day on Muslims.
-0.8176 Not a fan of cancer though given several ppl in my family have had cancer related to this.
-0.8176 They had planned to kill electoral reform for months, we saw this coming back in September when there were murmors within the party of it being killed off.
-0.8126 But yes, he doesn't directly ask people to kill apostates, nor does he directly say it shouldn't be done, nonetheless he openly states that based on Islamic law, apostates should be murdered.
-0.8074 Our economy is weak and govt run by incompetent morons.
-0.7964 He then says that "it" applies to people who come into Islam, it being the punishment of apostasy being death.
-0.7906 The revolution was brutal overthrow of a dictator controlled by the west who allowed much of the country to starve outside of the main cities.
-0.7906 This actually looks disgusting given so many of them are burnt to shit.