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0.8519 It embodies a number of internal doctrinal differences, but the basic tenet is to identify the unregulated free market capitalist order as the crucial ground for all efficient resource allocation.
0.8122 Wealth could be created more easily with reduction in trade barriers, restriction of government influence over economic growth, etc.
0.812 If someone is willing to blackmail for gain in intelligence, they won't stop at using a persons sexuality.
0.7901 Tbh, I'm glad we won simply because NY audience kept chanting "USA!
0.7684 Nonetheless, Walmart is clearly making billions in profit - but that profit doesn't go back to the laborers, even though the entire business relies on laborers (i.e.
0.765 Nope, that's called free thought and free inquiry.
0.7579 Now their elected leader gave up on their promise of electoral reform which was intended to increase and improve our democracy.
0.7003 I agree, there was no mainstream term in popular culture to define 'neoliberalism', however, the term definitely existed.
0.6908 Thanks for sharing your comment.
0.6705 Why are you "pretty sure" they are tourist based on so little information?
0.6369 It's probably best though you Google neoliberalism and laissez-faire economics since the sidebar here kind of misleads people about what neoliberalism actually is.

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-0.9477 If I was a Christian, I would just argue that abortion is murder and murder breaks the ten commandments - at which point your argument no longer works.
-0.9371 Blaming Julian Assange for making known the corruption of political criminals is like blaming a rape victim for wearing clothing that is "too provocative".
-0.9186 but damn, they shit a cinder block when hearing the apology was en francais.
-0.886 open carry is legal in Virginia afaik And why is it legal for a racist hate group to carry weapons around the street to intimidate people?
-0.8765 The problem isn't that the baby goes to heaven or hell, but rather than they see an abortion as murder.
-0.8235 Obviously murder is breaking one of the ten commandments, so to allow abortion in their mind is the greatest sin because it is a murder in their mind.
-0.8201 corporate welfare and bailouts) but neoliberalism is laissez-faire, so if a government is correcting market failure then that contradicts laissez-faire economics.
-0.8056 I wouldn't be surprised if they attempted planting false flag violent acts and staged something. The problem is how do you deal with them?
-0.765 During the world wars, women were a critical component of the military back end ensuring equipment was manufactured and providing care for the injured and sick.
-0.765 Even if it's a student or someone starting out, again, do they deserve to be paid below the poverty line with a poverty wage?
-0.7506 The problem is that people are vulnerable to lies and coercion.
-0.7269 I mean probably some of these people's grandparents died fighting the nazi's from this sort of thing.