/u/Billconti is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9535 Beautiful, gorgeous, absolutely amazing and perfect boobs!
0.923 You have an amazing and gorgeous body, would love to meet you once day!
0.9117 This is awesome: you're beautiful and the honest way you answer all our questions is even hotter!
0.91 And even today I get super hard watching her. Amazing woman, would love to meet.
0.9081 Great body, super sexy.
0.8658 She's is gorgeous, amazing guys ;)
0.8591 Gorgeous smile :)
0.838 Fucking awesome, she's amazing and it looks like a damn good fuck!
0.8316 She's beautiful, so beautiful.
0.8271 Happy birthday gorgeous
0.807 Pm'd ;) hope you enjoy!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6908 Same stress here :(
-0.5848 Fuck it, let's do it!
-0.4889 Me and my girlfriend really want to fuck you guys...
-0.4606 Damn, I'm straight but that's a really fat cock!
-0.4404 In Portugal though :(
-0.34 Damn, I want it so bad...
-0.3089 Impossible not to desire.
-0.296 There is no too curvy.
-0.0516 Always love the way she fucked.
0.0 More than ever!
0.0 Anyone knows who are they?
0.0 Everything, from what's happening in the ecosystem, new trends, people to follow, but also new perspectives on how to look to the business