/u/BigDaddyDom75 is very positive!

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0.9058 I've got a pretty good connection internet wise, so here's hoping it was just a hiccup on their end.
0.8885 Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, shall I continue?
0.8824 That looks absolutely delicious, thanks for sharing!
0.8731 Very pretty, good luck with your journey.
0.8591 The more appropriate question would be "what wouldn't I do to that fantastic ass?" My god, it's amazing
0.836 Glad we're lucky enough to reap the rewards of this particular turn on.
0.8225 Love your eyes, such a sexy lil thing you are.
0.8122 If this is pre hormones, you're going to look even more amazing once you start your journey in earnest.
0.8122 Really pretty face and beautiful eyes.
0.8074 I'd love to bend you over and eat that sexy ass while stuffing your pretty little snatch full of fingers/toys.
0.802 Thank you for sharing, hope to see more soon

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8336 Not sure how I missed this until now, but damn, pretty, sweet and a killer ass!?!?
-0.788 This is her husband, fully intend to absolutely wreck that ass tonight.
-0.7351 Working the tongue and ass, damn.
-0.7269 It might hurt, my jeans just became uncomfortably tight...
-0.5859 Take this garbage bullshit you're spreading elsewhere
-0.5171 Dirty girl and cute, damn if you aren't a dream
-0.4939 They are most likely looking for criminal history, arrest records and possibly a credit check.
-0.4767 Once you've begun quivering I'd have to take a tour of all your holes with my cock until we're both spent and exhausted.
-0.4005 Fucking hell she is pretty
-0.296 I'm glad I wasn't the only one disappointed when I realized I misread the title
-0.2714 Fuck yes, let's get our game on!
-0.1298 I'll keep that in mind, I had no idea until the show was over unfortunately, we just thought people were being quite, lol