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0.948 Soothing, amusing, entertaining, sexy, calming, warm, devilish...there are so many elements about this audio that worked so well.
0.9413 There's one person who is a lot like me on our team, but she's new and I think she's just realizing what she's gotten into :-/ It's nice to hear how happy you are by helping your friend.
0.92 Thanks :) And yes, I really love the trailers.
0.8779 Thank you for the sweet words and support <3
0.873 :D Thanks for listening :)
0.8707 So glad you enjoyed it :)
0.8707 So glad you enjoyed the listen Joe :)
0.8591 I enjoyed this a lot and it was perfect for a day like today.
0.8519 Why yes Anise...I do enjoy you telling me you like me naughty ;)
0.8519 You will find these friends- or maybe your current friends will develop into these friends.
0.8516 Thank you so much for listening- I'm happy you liked it!

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-0.7847 Having coworkers who gaslight and abuse you isn't fun.
-0.7003 Seriously, the worst.
-0.6908 If you've been following along, you should know my thoughts regarding rape in particular.
-0.6486 I also think I should be allowed to speak about my own opinions on my personal sub without someone trying to provoke an argument, so we will have to agree to disagree here.
-0.6124 No worries.
-0.5719 Dead serious ;)
-0.5719 I am guilty of this myself, but no more.
-0.5413 It was quite insulting and it's there publicly for everyone to see, and here I must address it again.
-0.5267 Punish you?
-0.5255 Zero fucks: 2017!
-0.5106 Making comments about someone's sexuality in any way that can be interpreted as an insult is a very slippery slope.
-0.5095 Anyone who performs and puts their work out there is exposing a very vulnerable side of themselves.