/u/Belle_in_the_woods is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9337 Just doing my part to make your day a little brighter XD Glad you liked it :)
0.9169 Oh goodness, you flatter me :3 As always, I'm pleased you enjoyed yourself, Cookie.
0.891 haha, I doubt that but I appreciate your confidence in me ;)
0.8481 I'm thrilled you enjoyed my take :)
0.8402 Feel free to send it back darling ;)
0.8316 Oh goodness, thank you :3
0.8313 ...and glad to push them :) thank you for listening!
0.8268 That's so sweet of you, thank you <3
0.8225 Thank you for the kind compliments.
0.8126 I'm having fun as well :)
0.8091 Thank you GG for the writing props <3

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.3109 Whoever is doing this to you, I still say *you're* the evil one for using everyone else's trigger words :P
-0.2561 I'm sorry to report that this is me, but that simply won't do!!!
-0.0772 It's been so much better...worlds better...even despite new job learning curves and the stress of being in a "boss" like position.
0.0 You know what they say about sharing...
0.0 Ah, it's a simple table format in reddit!
0.0 Perhaps a slow drip is in order?
0.0 How may I assist you?
0.0 ...man of mystery!
0.0 I wonder if the Milf might have some ulterior motives. You bring up a *very* valid point...
0.0 Ohhhhh aren't you naughty?
0.0 A biking Cookie or a waddling Cookie.