/u/Belle_in_the_woods is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.946 ;) I'm happy I could help out, and thanks for the compliment :)
0.9217 This was the perfect combo of funny, adorable, and sexy.
0.9179 Oh goodness, miyu...I'm so happy you liked it <3
0.9169 Thank you dear, I appreciate the compliment :)
0.9145 So glad you enjoyed it, thanks for listening :)
0.9042 I'm happy I could help, and I hope it gets better for you...
0.9042 I hope you like it, lovely :)
0.9001 Thank you for the great script, I hope you like [my take]
0.8957 I hope you enjoy, lovely ;)
0.8923 I'm really happy you're enjoying the series...thank you for following along :)
0.8766 I'm really happy you liked it :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5818 Admittedly, I feel a little bad for liking the forced oral part...
-0.5423 Not bad at all....
-0.5023 I try to, but sometimes it's difficult to keep up...
-0.296 No frownies allowed, h4arky.
-0.296 Ah, there's no need to compare anyone.
-0.2247 ^but^not^that^bad More dirty talk from you, please.
-0.0772 I enjoy all sorts of ~~wonderful~~ horrible ideas, Swizz.
0.0 You listening in public in particular... What a ~~good~~ naughty boy!
0.0 What can I say?
0.0 Two listens?
0.0 You know what they say...for science.
0.0 Though it might need some testing in the lab.