/u/Belle_in_the_woods is very positive!

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0.9307 I'm very pleased to help lead to this discovery of yours... I hope you had a wonderful rest of your Saturday as well.
0.9293 A great many things, my dear but I'm so glad you liked it.
0.9134 So glad to hear you enjoyed it, regardless of which boxes it ticked :) Thanks for listening :)
0.9098 Oh I do hope I can succeed eventually...sounds like a rather fun challenge to me, Zyvah!
0.9042 Eh, it's something veryvery tiny....not too much to get excited about but I have some nice prospects for bigger things :) week by week?
0.9037 I really, really appreciate my Kinko gift, and as always, your improv was so well done :)
0.9026 Thank you so much, I really appreciate that compliment :)
0.9001 I hope you like it Whispers...and it was my pleasure <3
0.8941 I squeed at the second gif, fyi XD Thank you for listening, Sam <3
0.8918 Thank you :3 Now I want to make a booze audiobook, hehe XD
0.8676 Mmm, I rather like it too ;) So glad you liked it.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.3595 No need for jealousy...beautiful misfortune abounds around here!
-0.126 And here I am wondering if you got that shit done....or............ hehe ;) Thank you for listening!
0.0 Totally insaney, Pinkie and the Brainy.... now who's old?
0.0 Mer fr mig, snlla.
0.0 Tack, stnos.
0.0 Not today...
0.0 Merci monsieur lapin!
0.0 Ah yes....it seems you have a....*fever*....
0.0 Another shot, then....?
0.0 Very, very good....
0.0 Ah, Cookie.
0.0 The Danish, plus the soft tone and moaning...mmmph!