/u/Belle_in_the_woods is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9416 My trusty mic deserves some credit here XD Thank you for listening :)
0.9325 I'm forever grateful for my inspiration :) Glad I could hypnotize you, my dear.
0.9317 XD Glad you are enjoying these :)
0.9147 I'm so happy to hear it helped :) There will be more, I promise <3
0.9109 So glad you liked it :) thanks for following along!
0.9069 That's a very sweet compliment, thank you <3
0.8843 Your growls were very effective ;) Thank you for the fill :)
0.8779 Happy to hear I could help inspire your words.
0.8779 Well, thank you... I rather liked the idea of not knowing if the character planned for all of this to happen...I'm happy to know it was alluring.
0.8737 Very glad you're enjoying the series...thank you for following along :)
0.872 I'm glad you chose to flip the gender...this was great and I liked the Msub take.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.34 Needy, hmm?
-0.1317 Not so bad :)
-0.1027 I often find myself hard of speech in certain...moments. Mmm, panting?
-0.0772 Those pesky sheets ;)
0.0 Hellooooo, Rabbit.
0.0 Do you have any Yamazaki in the house?
0.0 The ASMR is off the charts in this audio and your delivery was shiver-inducting.
0.0 And /u/lenaloveslilacs, unf!
0.0 *Help*, hmm?
0.0 Shall I bring you a mop, then?
0.0 Cumming round, hmm?
0.0 If at first you don't succeed...?