/u/Beartheory is very positive!

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0.9217 I love being able to share my comics and the fact that more people are becoming interested in them is awesome imo.
0.8934 Who knows maybe that pretty girl ends up loving them and becoming a huge fan.
0.8807 Don't have much experience with moderator a subreddit but it would be awesome to help customize the subreddit.
0.8658 Hey I just started playing on the server today as a shaman, but I played vanilla wow til BC.
0.8622 He was extremely nice and gave my friend and me two free signed issues.
0.8271 Who cares how they got interested in it; an interest has to start somewhere.
0.7925 I'm hoping that learning along with others will help me keep on track with TOP.
0.7845 I would love to help out.
0.7603 Team BrbWithWards is ready to go :D
0.703 I don't think I suffered for comics; does that mean I shouldn't be able to enjoy them without judgments?
0.6908 I guess all I can say is take solace in the fact that people don't need to feel like an outcast anymore to enjoy comics.

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-0.5423 Also what's this whole thing about "suffer for comics"?
-0.4767 I remember him saying multiple times and Hatfilms telling him he is wrong each time; never gets old
-0.4019 Would that be a problem?
-0.2263 When I was doing I finished rebuilding the google homepage project, after that i stopped mostly because life got in the way. 3.
-0.1531 I have no problem grinding it out I mostly enjoyed the end game raiding in vanilla anyways.
-0.128 You should ask a Reddit mod if you can have this subreddit since it looks like the creator abandoned it a while ago.
-0.0941 Why do people get so upset when someone starts showing interest in comics after seeing the movies?
0.0 []k^
0.0 Just rsvp for me and my gf; can't wait to see him live
0.0 I remember seeing the Bojack one a while back.
0.0 What I didn't realize that Nate Simpson was sitting there when I started talking about it .