/u/Bahumet is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9038 What a beautiful body you have :) incredibly sexy!!
0.8999 Petite and perfect :) you have gorgeous pink nipples!
0.8995 Gorgeous young woman...and amazingly sexy :)
0.8885 Gorgeous nipples and the lip bite is a bonus :)
0.886 Mmm those curves, that shape...that's a fine looking hand dryer lol ;) oh and a great looking ass as well x
0.8834 Mmmm I'd love to bump into you and just give you a knowing grin :)
0.8785 Love your pretty little titties :)
0.8777 And being the good girl that you are you did what you were told :) beautiful big nipples!
0.875 I would Abso-fucking-lutely love to give you a nice sticky load :)
0.8709 You're so tiny and amazingly sexy :) just a stunning body!
0.8622 What a stunning body :) just perfect!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.836 Someone is going to get ass fucked and take a facial.
-0.7772 Mmmm hell yes...sit on my cock and call me daddy!!
-0.7738 I have a serious complaint to make about your customer service...I can't give you a nice sticky load in person :(
-0.7717 I would fuck you until I filled your young cunt with my cum.
-0.7088 Damn, my cock would be lost between them!
-0.6597 The only right answer is to fuck your tits and then finish on your lips.
-0.5434 Take them off and show me your pussy you little slut.
-0.5423 And by spoon, I mean fuck.
-0.5423 Mmmm that's an ass that needs fucking.
-0.4939 I want to go deep into your throat and fuck it as I watch your eyes water.
-0.4753 Hehehe oh you sooo going to Hell for that lol!
-0.4374 Nice ass :) but odd socks!!