/u/Bahumet is very positive!

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0.9552 Oh God...I have so many ideas for your amazing tits :) mmmm I just love a gorgeous, sexy, real woman.
0.9081 Wow you have such a beautiful pink pussy...I bet that you taste wonderful.
0.9038 What a beautiful body you have :) incredibly sexy!!
0.8976 Beautiful :) and very sexy!
0.8885 Gorgeous nipples and the lip bite is a bonus :)
0.8777 And being the good girl that you are you did what you were told :) beautiful big nipples!
0.875 I would Abso-fucking-lutely love to give you a nice sticky load :)
0.872 I love a woman with curves :) your body is definitely an 8 in my mind.
0.8678 Why thank you...you are very obliging :) and fucking sexy!
0.8622 Oh please :) pretty please..with a cherry on top!
0.8516 Mmmm nice body :) great looking tits!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.765 Fake as fuck.
-0.7184 Hell I'm hard just looking at your pussy...
-0.7088 He's a damn fool!
-0.7088 Damn, my cock would be lost between them!
-0.6597 I think first that I would fuck your tits and then finish by cumming in your mouth.
-0.6597 The only right answer is to fuck your tits and then finish on your lips.
-0.6588 Well, I have to admit that I would just fuck your ass!
-0.5849 So sorry to hear that you are leaving :'(
-0.5434 Take them off and show me your pussy you little slut.
-0.5423 Spread it and fuck it.
-0.5423 You could watch and tell me how to fuck her.
-0.5242 I have a real weakness for white stockings!!