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0.8974 She's pretty enthusiastic about 3D modeling and digital art, so I'd love to get her a decent CPU we can actually afford.
0.8885 Boros Charm feels super strong when it either domes them for 4 , or makes all my guys Indestructible.
0.8658 Awesome, thanks for all your help.
0.8506 So I really just need to disable sleep mode-- I have an SSD so honestly the computer being just on or just off is pretty ok anyway.
0.8481 Honestly more likely to coax a friend into Skype and Cockatrice than to try my luck with randos.
0.8316 Pretty much anything will be better than what she has now, but I think the core of the build will be solid for a good long while.
0.8173 Glad to see your experience with traders is more like mine, big events seem to help me turn binder stuff into real cards.
0.802 Elves is a lot of fun and felt surprisingly interesting and interactive.
0.7906 I try to be good about purging extra cards and bulk from my collection, but my miraculously still-shrink wrapped Thorn Elemental will always be with me for pure sentimental value
0.7717 Not sure how I feel about Alex Ich, but seems like an ok pick I might be able to flip if he keeps it up, especially when I have Bjerg to count on later.
0.7717 I'd love to print something up like this so I don't have to bring my real cube out into the world.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.743 Riot says I lose.
-0.6486 Are you recommending going with SP or lower cards as they're less likely to be fake?
-0.6166 Will I be able to get a replacement if it's DOA in September when we finally open it up?
-0.5719 I think there are a lot of aspects in which MTGO is bad, some of them for good reason and some of them poor excuses.
-0.5664 Damn, not sure I can swing that.
-0.4927 So if I'm looking particularly weak in a role, that can be changed.
-0.4854 I think I want Freeze long term but can try to dump him right before locks and pick him back up if I should try to sub Stixxay or Emperor or someone else.
-0.4247 One Weird Guy The American Intelligence Community HATES!!
-0.4215 I think I squeezed out games if she blanked for the whole game but most of the time there was no way to go wide enough or fast enough to beat the inevitability of the Kiora deck.
-0.3744 who gives a shit, they didn't even bother to make grown-up Steppe Lynx
-0.3612 I see people complain, does it tilt adequately at least?
-0.34 Unfortunately I've already bought the card.