/u/BIG_DADDY_CLETUS is a total dick!

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0.7243 Oooooh, I'm shakin in my boots!!!! Lmao stay off the weed bro
0.7163 Great job libtards!!!
0.6597 It looks like a good game actually
0.631 Ok, but I support the border wall
0.6124 Extra credit should not apply only to kids who play video games.
0.5994 Lmao youre 19, get off reddit you fucking baby
0.4939 Funny, I have no sympathy for muzzies
0.4939 Still pretty gay
0.4791 I'm sure this will be not biased at all
0.4588 I honestly can't tell if this is /r/gamingcirclejerk anymore.

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-0.8925 Holy fuck i am so fucking tired of hearing about this fucking stupid video game
-0.8658 Nigger faggot
-0.8613 What the FUCK IS THIS SHIT
-0.8442 Nigger DiPshit Tyson can kiss my ass
-0.8402 Who gives a shit faggot
-0.6908 Uhhh no, fuck bums
-0.6876 OH FUCK OFF!!!!!
-0.6876 FUCK YOU!!!!!
-0.6808 Ironic considering most of the trannies I've met always have the worst BO
-0.6597 What a dramatic faggot
-0.6408 IM 47 YOU FUCK
-0.6249 Do you think ur sister ever moans your name when she fuck him