/u/BBendingRodriguez03 is very positive!

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0.9259 Well I am certainly happy that you're alive and as sexy as ever!
0.9217 I would love to see a video of you rolling around on the bed, giggling and playing with your hair like an innocent 18 year old, playing naked for the first time.
0.8717 They could do their thing and I do mine, but between share a joke or talk about something that came up at work, would just make the whole time more enjoyable.
0.8655 I'm just looking to get into better shape, and I think it would be more fun if I had a friend there to chat with between sets.
0.8442 I love waking up nice and hard like this.
0.8442 I like petite girls and I like redheads, she is a great combo.
0.8225 Wow, just wow.
0.8176 Looks like she's got a pretty nice body
0.7845 Always nice to hear that it's awesome.
0.7717 Fit girls are the best.
0.7506 I'm glad you like it ;)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7227 I've only been back to the gym for a few months, but I am beginning to hate going by myself.
-0.5574 Aww, why is it crappy?
-0.5113 How about because it's crappy coverage that doesn't pay for anything instead.
-0.4767 I've broken it down a few times.
-0.395 I'd go right, but I don't like that tattoo, so I'm gonna go left instead.
-0.3182 I've done that too...for mags that are loose in the magwell.
-0.3089 Not if she bought it for the sole purpose of getting guys to look and not for support.
-0.1901 You will always get this cock hard....
-0.128 No one has said "That's a lovely bunch of coconuts" yet? I'm disappointed.
-0.1027 Come on over now, I'm still hard.
0.0 Can it be more than a peek?
0.0 Cookies over coffee