/u/BBendingRodriguez03 is very positive!

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0.886 I love how happy you look with that smile on your face.
0.8555 I love redheads, they are the best.
0.836 I'm sure they do, but mine would be special lol
0.8248 I love to be teased, but those are some great nipples.
0.7845 Pretty happy about hat.
0.7506 I'm glad you like it ;)
0.7351 I'm always happy to see that smile.
0.7264 Well, this does make me very happy indeed.
0.7003 You're welcome to try lol
0.6792 Gorgeous, I need to see more of those stockings and garters though!!
0.6705 I'm glad you like it

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8316 I tend to look at everything in between a major war as leading up to the next major war.
-0.69 That is a tragedy of epic proportions!
-0.6652 Not a very long story, but today I was able to do my first full set of 10 curls with the 35 lb dumb bells.
-0.5574 Well what is the scrap value of a destroyed Death Star?
-0.4777 I'm not good enough to suck my own cock lol
-0.4767 Is there a way to fake a penis though?
-0.4404 She can wreck me as often as she likes...
-0.34 And do you blame sharks when they mis-ID a surfer and take part of their leg off?
-0.3182 I know each one is a kajillion empire credits and the rebels should have 1 and 3/4 of a death star worth of scrap metalZ.
-0.296 No Nightwing?
-0.296 Right, no question.
-0.296 Balls deep inside, no question.