/u/BBendingRodriguez03 is very positive!

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0.9217 I would love to see a video of you rolling around on the bed, giggling and playing with your hair like an innocent 18 year old, playing naked for the first time.
0.886 I love how happy you look with that smile on your face.
0.8442 I like petite girls and I like redheads, she is a great combo.
0.8248 I love to be teased, but those are some great nipples.
0.8225 Wow, just wow.
0.8176 Looks like she's got a pretty nice body
0.7845 Always nice to hear that it's awesome.
0.7717 Fit girls are the best.
0.7506 I'm glad you like it ;)
0.7184 Your pleasure too for sure.
0.7003 She seems like a ton of fun.

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-0.5574 Aww, why is it crappy?
-0.4767 I've broken it down a few times.
-0.395 I'd go right, but I don't like that tattoo, so I'm gonna go left instead.
-0.34 And do you blame sharks when they mis-ID a surfer and take part of their leg off?
-0.3182 I've done that too...for mags that are loose in the magwell.
-0.3089 Not if she bought it for the sole purpose of getting guys to look and not for support.
-0.296 Right, no question.
-0.296 Balls deep inside, no question.
-0.2382 The poster is told when something is screenshotted and they can block you personally, but Snapchat doesn't do anything.
-0.2023 It was an accident, I'm sure.
-0.1901 You will always get this cock hard....
-0.128 Actually in the article there's a marine biologist who say that the wound is most likely not mortal and talks about how tough they are and how fast they heal.