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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9719 HA Love Alomomola and Love Red Minior for HA Love Slowpoke and HA Beast Cleffa?
0.97 I can breed Moon HA Fletchling, Level HA Smeargle and Friend Togepi~ Interested in the following: Moon HA Absol, Level HA Fletchling and Moon Shellos :D
0.9283 Love HA Morelull and Friend HA Bagon for Heavy Gastly and Moon Wingull?
0.9274 HA Sudowoodo and Love HA Carbink for a Starly and an HA Alomomola?
0.871 Cool, could I please get the following?: - Moon Trubbish - Lure Finneon - Moon HA Vullaby - Fast HA Magby
0.8555 Love/Lure HA Morelull or Friend/Beast HA Bagon for Level HA Lapras and Lure Chinchou?
0.807 Awesome, thanks!
0.8056 I can breed you a Friend Ball one for that HA Grimer~ Did you need the Exeggcute to have its HA or no?
0.7865 Thanks for the trade :D
0.7739 I can help :D
0.765 Great, just message when you're ready c:

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7003 Ugh, that's awful.
-0.6124 No worries, take your time c:
-0.34 Sorry about that, my wifi cut out
-0.296 Oops, missed this.
-0.2732 I just realized I misread your other comment as "13 hours *from* now".
-0.1027 My IGN is Gracie :o
-0.0772 Nope, sorry.
-0.0772 Sorry about that, should've mentioned it earlier
-0.0258 Sure, shoot me a message when you're back~
0.0 I was wondering if you wanted the Vivillon to have the ENG tag or just and English name.
0.0 I've got a Tundra pattern named "Vivillon" but it has the JPN tag in the corner c:
0.0 I can breed you a Moon Ball Rufflet for that Moon Ball Surskit~