/u/Atx_hater is kind of a dick.

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0.91 congrats to the boy, picked such a fine day to win a Darwin award.
0.892 but i love you so much! You can always come to my house party and chill in my hot tub.
0.7579 have fun going to a festival and being the only one there.
0.7096 haha, thats funny because traffic always drives slow.
0.6908 congratulations, you win the dumb cunt of the day award.
0.6696 thanks for signing up for my fan club!
0.6369 idk what to say to help you man, but hopefully it all works out. 3
0.6124 that sweet sweet smell of the homeless problem being resolved.
0.6124 oh wow cool, these people must be like, so in touch with nature or some shit.
0.5423 they were doing pet blessings.
0.5267 Congrats on being the first.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8934 fuck you, i hate you, go fuck yourself.
-0.8934 the cause of death was impact with the ground you dumb fuck.
-0.8221 stealing our shit since 2003! *moved to austin in 2017
-0.7999 i love this shit, when is it not cool anymore when a small place becomes the mega corp that you fucks all hate?
-0.7964 well, at least you know you're good looking, if this happened to an ugly girl she'd be crying rape.
-0.7469 but the K2 cleanse program is to die for.
-0.7374 if your shit box honda civic is in a state without inspections, pretty much guaranteed it won't pass here.
-0.7351 lets tear down the veitnam memorial since we lost that war too.
-0.7351 no, i don't wanna, and i'm going to look at my phone and pretend to not see my dog wimpering while taking a massive wet shit right in the middle of zilker either so i don't have to pick it up.
-0.7184 i guess if being around a bunch of uppity snobs and drinking at a place with dog shit service is your thing
-0.7024 I don't want miss's fluffy boots to go to cat hell do i?
-0.6486 i only have the fucker because an asshole 'friend' dropped him off at my place and said keep him or take him to the pound.