/u/Atx_hater is kind of a dick.

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0.892 but i love you so much! You can always come to my house party and chill in my hot tub.
0.8316 trust me, i'm looking for any good opportunity to leave here.
0.7037 who would have thunk? also, who cares, the owners will be just fine, with our without r/austins business, unfortunately.
0.6597 yes, yes i am.
0.6398 I'm sure many people saw, didn't give a shit, and continued on drunkingly stumbling to their car so they can drive home.
0.6124 its best to ignore my fan group.
0.5994 well, that was an unexpected plot twist. Go call up your girls, put on the nice dress, and go out and let dudes buy you drinks all night.
0.5983 its not the states job to provide services, get rich and do it yourself you hippie!
0.5423 they were doing pet blessings.
0.5413 you live in on of the most exciting cities in the world.
0.5267 yeah, i was able to afford to share an apartment making $8 an hour in 2011

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.891 no one cares about your shitty video, moving here won't make your life better, fuck off, i hate you, go fuck yourself.
-0.7964 as history shows, the only time people actually give a shit, is if a minority kills an acomplished white girl.
-0.7906 no, no one gives a shit.
-0.765 tell your broke ass friend to move the fuck back home.
-0.765 get the fuck out of here you poor wanna be musician hippie.
-0.743 -go fuck yourself, hater.
-0.7351 lets tear down the veitnam memorial since we lost that war too.
-0.7351 no, i don't wanna, and i'm going to look at my phone and pretend to not see my dog wimpering while taking a massive wet shit right in the middle of zilker either so i don't have to pick it up.
-0.7269 keep your broke ass gf in where ever teh fuck you are, before you know it she'll be bouncing on top of tech bros who are better than you in every way.
-0.7184 i guess if being around a bunch of uppity snobs and drinking at a place with dog shit service is your thing
-0.7024 I don't want miss's fluffy boots to go to cat hell do i?
-0.7003 no one here gives a hot shit about houston.