/u/Atx_hater is a total dick!

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0.8101 A LIBRARY! NAH ITS RUBBISH! loved the shit out of that show.
0.7783 hope you like paying to play during big events.
0.7783 You play as zelda and you rescue the princess, well done, game over.
0.7096 so whats your backup plan when your bf moves here realizes this town is full of successful smart and attractive women and leaves your unemployable ass?
0.6908 welp, i hope you got a set of nice knee pads and a purty mouth to gobble that 'gig economy' 's fat knob.
0.6749 Then I grew older and the more i live here the more I feel like this city is nothing more than an amusement park.
0.6369 I love it here, you should move here.
0.5994 you're way past the boat for this one. The ideal time to start bitching about austin and its population growth is aprox 2 weeks after you move here.
0.5984 if so, rich people live inside.
0.5984 Its a fucking amusement park, using cheap manufactured entertainment with a marketing team trying to sell it as a weird culture.
0.5563 a little of both. TBH, I loved it when I first moved here as a bright eyed little fuck.

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-0.9618 you're use of quotations makes it sound like you're implying that retarded dumb cunt OP question askers are not retarded and/or dumb cunts.
-0.9325 fuck your flowers, fuck your dog, fuck this picture, go fuck yourself.
-0.9287 if you're looking to live in a tiny house, it means you're poor and are just looking for a hipster name for your trailer house. go move to temple you broke ass mother fucker.
-0.9262 you won't be a good fit, fuck off you dumb cunt.
-0.9172 How fucking original you dumb cunt. and its not adorabale, you and your little fuck trophies, no one gives a shit about them.
-0.9068 calling a fuck up a tard is funny, calling someone who is a tard a tard, well thats just not nice.
-0.8519 Pay the stupid ass fine, and don't come back here and quick fucking up our public parks you jackass.
-0.8467 whats that war movie where the boot camp guy yells at everyone about that he does not care if you're white black brown yellow or purple but they are all equally pieces of shit?
-0.8271 i don't get that reference, walking dead is stupid.
-0.8086 great, that you're unemployed/bitching about an election you didn't vote in/are poor, but the rest of us have shit to do, stay the fuck off the streets.
-0.8074 hate the shit out of this place.
-0.7964 RR isn't much cheaper you dumb bitch.