/u/Atx_hater is a total dick!

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0.6369 July in Austin is the best time to be out, its why we have so many parks and outdoor events here.
0.6369 its like an amusement park, fun to visit, sucks cock to work in.
0.6124 that sweet sweet smell of the homeless problem being resolved.
0.6124 oh wow cool, these people must be like, so in touch with nature or some shit.
0.5719 yeah probably, she lived here like 40 years ago.
0.5267 Congrats on being the first.
0.5093 You're welcome!
0.4767 gregs friends list
0.4767 as thrilling as sitting around a table with a grown man who can't get over his wife being nailed more times than a cabinet made by Michale j fox sounds, I'm gonna have to pass.
0.4472 my little copy cat friend, the real answer is to just bike lock his chair to a sign post.
0.4404 you could make better back tracks using only a trump soundboard.

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-0.9404 tard question, what is it about the relays that brings out all the hood rat shit? I get it, black people can run fast, but is it the runners and shit going out starting shit or what?
-0.886 dear blake, no one gives a hot shit about your "Insane" cliff jumping, your shitty video, complete with shitty dubstep. Next time go cliff jumping when the lake levels are down.
-0.8735 no one give a hot shit, really, they don't care. You're not special, thats not art, you're a dime a dozen fucking next time try to swim down to the bottom of the lake and count to 200
-0.8591 fuck your god, fuck your flowers, throw shit out the window.
-0.8561 you're not special, no one gives a fuck about you, the cops don't care, they won't waste their time with this shit.
-0.8555 no one gives a shit about your shitty story
-0.8221 stealing our shit since 2003! *moved to austin in 2017
-0.7999 i love this shit, when is it not cool anymore when a small place becomes the mega corp that you fucks all hate?
-0.7964 its just rain you dumb bitch
-0.7845 no house, no apartment, live in car, no place to bathe. Yeah you fuck, you're homeless.
-0.775 If I see this grown ass man eating a fudge pop in the middle of the night, i'm calling the cops to come get this weirdo.
-0.765 this faggot looks no older than 17