/u/Ashilikia is very positive!

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0.9564 Dahlias are so pretty :D Great job with your writing and Sara entry, too! You reminded me that I got to do a lot of weeding this weekend, which was really fun.
0.9236 Great work to have been the best candidate for the scholarship :D
0.9191 Congratulations and great work :D
0.919 Great work to have earned it. It's really fantastic that the name change will be so easy!
0.9186 Good luck with the review of your first paper, and great work on your second :)
0.9173 I enjoy them a lot too :D Congratulations on having a dissertation defense date set!
0.9081 I hope that visiting home is fun and relaxing :)
0.908 Great work on it :) I hope your dates went well!
0.9052 It's great that you're so excited about it :D
0.9027 Hahaha :D Editing is exciting!
0.902 Yay for happy garden wins!

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-0.594 What the actual fuck is going on in this gif??
-0.5707 And hell yeah for breaking your goal in the 10k!
-0.5707 Hell yeah for prioritizing mental health!
-0.5707 Aww hell yeah!
-0.4023 If you didn't, I encourage you to watch or listen to the whole video.
-0.3612 Misuse of funds sucks.
-0.296 I in no way advocated for a quota.
-0.2263 The lack of mention of the support groups available is odd to me, too.
-0.1531 I feel you hard on this; the chalk boards in my office are perpetually a huge mess.
0.0 Nor does Google.
0.0 The idea isn't that people are consciously sexist.
0.0 Your comment is really talking about something different than what I meant.