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0.9667 Congratulations on your 6 year original dating "anniversary" :D And thanks, I'm glad you like it :)
0.9658 Experiences can widely vary, but some can be really awesome as you're finding :D I hope it continues to go well and that you learn a lot!
0.9554 That sounds amazing :D I'm glad you appreciate the 'happy Friday' little song!
0.9534 I hope that it pans out well :) Congrats on landing the sweet pool trick :D
0.946 Congratulations to your friend, I hope the wedding was fun :)
0.9439 I hope it continues to be awesome :D :D
0.9425 :D I'm glad that you're feeling happy and enjoying your accomplishments!
0.9364 Good luck with the PhD application :) Hooray for finally getting the MCR limited edition jacket :D
0.9277 It went really well and was super fun :D
0.923 Great work on it :) Good luck preparing for the second exam!
0.9141 That's fantastic, great work to have earned it :D

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-0.5574 Oh shit I hadn't even thought of the fact it's non-binary exclusionary.
-0.5106 That would have been stressful :|.
-0.4939 Everyone I know who interviewed with Google had that same experience: it felt *horrible* and they thought they were screwed.
-0.4215 If your Google fu is better than mine, let me know.
-0.4019 I had been having trouble finding one that worked with my schedule.
-0.3818 Ahh, bummer.
-0.3802 Small yes, lame no!
-0.3612 Not having time to prep always sucks.
-0.3612 Holy heck, that does sound exhausting.
-0.3612 I assume you killed it promptly :)
-0.296 That takes some of the pressure off :).
-0.296 It is against the rules, no links .