/u/Ashilikia is very positive!

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0.963 Good luck with the review process :) Congrats on the poster award :D
0.9445 I hope the testing goes well . Free dinner, beer, and ice cream sounds amazing :D
0.9396 I hope that your visit is going well this week. My trip was great, thank you :D
0.9324 Also congrats on the travel grant! Laser tag sounds like a lot of fun :)
0.9317 Good luck as you prep for candidacy. I hope the date went well :D
0.9312 I'm glad you got to enjoy the week with your best friend and SO!
0.9265 Great job reaching out ahead and working hard to become an outstanding candidate :D
0.9259 Haha, I have some pretty lovely notebooks that I'm pretty attached to, myself!
0.9259 I hope you enjoy it :) Great work on the database!
0.9251 And congratulations on seeing progress with your healthy lifestyle changes :D
0.9191 Great work on your dissertation and congratulations on being elected president :D

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-0.7562 It's so tiny it doesn't matter at all but IT'S JUST SO AGGRAVATING. I feel this on a spiritual level.
-0.574 I was suicidally depressed for years, and am now completely depression free.
-0.4404 TFW cider doesn't make the list :(
-0.2698 Nine months sounds very tough!
-0.1027 It's more prevalent that people associate maids with Latinas as both conscious and unconscious bias.
-0.1027 A lot of the sexism that happens is hard to see because it isn't overt, it's unconscious and unintended.
-0.1027 Too many nights eating cereal for dinner :|
0.0 [This article] really opened my eyes.
0.0 Some "maids" are modern day slaves.
0.0 [^omg]
0.0 I've been for years.
0.0 In the collaborations, women talked more; at work, depending on the group size, women talked the same amount or more than men.