/u/Ashilikia is very positive!

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0.9406 Great work giving one of the best presentations :D
0.9291 Great work, and I'm sure your students appreciated it too :D
0.9276 Teaching excellence has such a big impact :D Extra congratulations on the fellowship!!
0.9236 I hope you enjoy the relaxed time that results :D
0.9236 I'm glad you got to go and enjoy it with friends :D
0.9222 Great job getting caught up on work, getting paid in 3 different ways, and having a great meeting with your advisor :D
0.918 Congratulations :D :D
0.9157 Great work earning them :D Yay for studying outside!
0.9117 I rode my bike to a really nice park with some pretty flowers this weekend, and it was a ton of fun :)
0.9086 I was considering trying to do something similar for my SO; I understand how big of a deal that is! I'm glad you've had a great Friday :D
0.9081 I'm glad you had fun with friends too :)

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-0.6597 This is dangerous misinformation.
-0.6249 Giving a link violates subreddit rules, sorry :(
-0.4389 Reiterating that the vaccine cannot give you the flu!
-0.4019 My phone finally fits in my damn pocket.
-0.4015 They are not easy to get a job at for data science!
-0.3818 I was definitely killing it, but I might have been a bit too drunk to keep count ;)
-0.3716 I'm disappointed that [Viola] got stuck with a classic comic book boobs and butt pose, but Baroque got a completely normal stance.
-0.357 I can see why not everyone cares about that kind of thing.
-0.3252 What did you make, if you don't mind sharing?
-0.2819 It shouldn't seem odd, though, that a woman is disappointed that a female character is given generic art that sexualizes the character and doesn't at all mesh with its background.
-0.2183 I feel you so hard on this.
-0.1027 You may find it worthwhile to check out [Escher Girls] to see why that is lame.