/u/ArrowDusk is kind of a dick.

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0.9657 Objection, my perfect win record saves everyone, so you should all be grateful that a heroic figure like me is able to win so many cases.
0.8591 Damn, friend, you've outdone yourself, this is the best AAO case tbh, even better than PyWright stuff like CoI, CoCk and Jakkid.
0.8588 Glad you're glad I remember you, my friend!
0.7744 no but im sure its better than shredderrex's music compilation amirite???
0.765 Didn't get have any ropes getting to the Black Market, so I couldn't really do much outside of making random jumps hoping a miracle would happen.
0.7297 OK, so from now on, don't grab a ledge while holding a Hired Hand that's carrying a shield.
0.7088 gladly, my friend!
0.7003 Am I going to become a meme now, like that bloke who said he enjoys the series as a whole?
0.7003 Except not because this testimony is flawless, thank you sir.
0.6992 Congratulations on not getting a Guilty verdict, cause the case just closed.
0.6542 well, *not* been fine, but I'd be alive.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.836 I keep going into the cavern and drop into a small hole and get killed by another arrow trap.
-0.8283 ~~Power!~~ For the hope of having a better subreddit than the EVIL /r/aceattorneycirclejerk, which is a bad shit subreddit because we can't get karma there and nobody puts shitposts there anyway.
-0.8271 You're suing the wrong man you fuck.
-0.8271 Took a bunch of damage early, before eventually being killed by a spider.
-0.7952 We've made it so shit it no longer exists.
-0.7783 Killed by an unseen arrow trap.
-0.7439 Based on everything we know so far: KILLERS: 1.
-0.743 Also I'm fairly sure she's not the Reaper, but I would still say she's the killer of Case 5's London trial.
-0.7331 I believe you failed to notice this argument https://www.reddit.com/r/VonKarmaCourt/comments/641toa/i_am_suing_uarrowdusk_for_sharing_ffsc_content/dfyprs7/
-0.7184 :V I jumped on a bomb frog after getting beaten to 1 heart by a blue one.
-0.7096 Lost the Ankh to the guy at the BM exit, then died to post-ankh-loss idiocy.
-0.6908 Fuck, we have no judge.