/u/ArrowDusk is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9657 Objection, my perfect win record saves everyone, so you should all be grateful that a heroic figure like me is able to win so many cases.
0.8588 Glad you're glad I remember you, my friend!
0.7744 no but im sure its better than shredderrex's music compilation amirite???
0.765 Didn't get have any ropes getting to the Black Market, so I couldn't really do much outside of making random jumps hoping a miracle would happen.
0.7297 OK, so from now on, don't grab a ledge while holding a Hired Hand that's carrying a shield.
0.7088 gladly, my friend!
0.7003 Am I going to become a meme now, like that bloke who said he enjoys the series as a whole?
0.7003 Except not because this testimony is flawless, thank you sir.
0.6542 well, *not* been fine, but I'd be alive.
0.6239 EDIT: I WIN!
0.6124 The bees beat the shit out of me.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.836 I keep going into the cavern and drop into a small hole and get killed by another arrow trap.
-0.8283 ~~Power!~~ For the hope of having a better subreddit than the EVIL /r/aceattorneycirclejerk, which is a bad shit subreddit because we can't get karma there and nobody puts shitposts there anyway.
-0.8271 You're suing the wrong man you fuck.
-0.8271 Took a bunch of damage early, before eventually being killed by a spider.
-0.7952 We've made it so shit it no longer exists.
-0.7783 Killed by an unseen arrow trap.
-0.7331 I believe you failed to notice this argument https://www.reddit.com/r/VonKarmaCourt/comments/641toa/i_am_suing_uarrowdusk_for_sharing_ffsc_content/dfyprs7/
-0.7184 :V I jumped on a bomb frog after getting beaten to 1 heart by a blue one.
-0.7096 Lost the Ankh to the guy at the BM exit, then died to post-ankh-loss idiocy.
-0.6908 Fuck, we have no judge.
-0.6908 I step out of the hole to go mine more, waiting for him to kill himself...
-0.6908 I kill Anubis, then decide to get the idol.