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0.9777 Thanks for the support dude, appreciate that a lot <3 Hopefully we reach the goal =D Appreciate the kind words aswell <3
0.9591 Hope you enjoy it =D Tons of different stuff so hopefully some stuff you will like at least haha
0.9541 I love pancakes tbh =D If I have American ones I love maple syrup and for Swedish ones I have sugar/Nutella Swedish pancakes are super thin btw
0.9512 Top 10 Team combos Android and I have pulled of in tournament. Hope you guys will like this one =D Please consider to give the channel a sub if you like our content <3
0.9488 Next one will be a top 10 team combos ranked by Android and I Feel free to suggest more stuff we should rank on this channel =D Appreciate all the subs to the channel too, thanks <3
0.9485 Fox for sure, all good chars best team8 is Fox. Below that it's hard to say but I believe many the entire casts best team8 is Fox LOL
0.9444 Glad you liked it! Had tons of fun and hopefully we will do this in the future too =D
0.9409 Thanks to the people that mentioned mine/Shakedrizzles channel <3 We are working hard on that one so always feels good to hear good things about it =D
0.929 Nope! I don't hate Smash 4 but I don't feel any passion to play the game, I do watch tournaments occassionly though and many of my friends play it =)
0.9274 I would still love it but life would be in the way, now with sponsors and stuff we can make smash our life =D Prize pools should be more "Even".
0.9262 Happy you like it =D We will stream every day until Frame perfect series which is between 18-19th I go back home to Sweden the day after, but still, many days left to stream =D

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-0.8109 Try to save someone elses life that is in danger and by accident kill the actuall criminal even though that was never the intention. My final meal would probably be Tacos =D
-0.7991 Since I ruined the EVO/Big house chances by barely losing I'm not sure :P UGC/Dreamhack Winter maybe?
-0.6808 Not been keeping updated with PM at all tbh. I don't believe so, since the game is not an official game it will sadly always have a big disadvantage
-0.6603 I have been very sick at many tournaments in the past but I don't have a good time so I would rather not.
-0.6369 He would not cover any MUs sadly =/
-0.5849 It was a huge struggle for me and I was always very bad at English until.....
-0.5664 I normally only taunt after I kill someone with Stich haha Maybe I have done it less in recent years, not sure why if that's the case
-0.4848 Probably Ice Hockey. I do really like sports though even if I sadly don't get the chance to see much these days =/
-0.3954 Mr R, Kameme and MKleo Voids punish game is sick too =D
-0.3775 Funny but not very accurate haha
-0.3724 Very many misconceptions but to name a few 1: You don't have to do everything yourself 2: Singles and teams is very different, don't try to play the same
-0.3612 He has been in a lot of talks with different people regarding this entire mess.