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0.76 American companies have signed contracts for rebuilding Iraq and not doing a damn thing for them, but they happily took their money.
0.743 Israel clearly provoked Syria and all their neighbors, and honestly, not even the Israelis themselves are calming otherwise.
0.7241 Iran was at 85% per 2012, so yeah this map is pretty inaccurate.
0.7184 Just because you decided to grace this thread with your alternate facts doesn't really change the subject at hand.
0.7156 Westerners be like: Iran throws Jews off of buldings!!!12! Daesh: Iran protects Jews too well!!!!12!
0.7096 I guess they were helping Iraq then, just like they were helping Iraq gassing their own citizens.
0.7009 Also, you do not block a country for buying food and basic goods for survival and at the same time claim that you are for those peoples liberty.
0.6697 The resolution is very clear on the subject, you and others speculating about the missile maybe being nuclear capable is irrelevant, because it is not designed for carrying nuclear warheads.
0.6588 BF%? Also, you look awesome!
0.6486 And yes, like I said earlier dresscodes are silly.
0.624 And most importantly, inform the Americans that we are people just like them.

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-0.9501 Egypt started the Suez Crisis; they started the Six Day War; Syria started the Yom Kippur War; Jordan and Egypt started the War of Independence.
-0.9265 You are not giving sources to back your claim that Iran is out to destroy Jews, you are outright lying and trying to back up your lies with more lies.
-0.8957 There are countries with sharia that do not carry out the death penalty or conduct torture.
-0.8858 That is just insulting and any person who believes that this isn't an act of evil is mentally deranged or extremely gullible.
-0.8807 Israel violated the DMZ with hundreds of attacks on the Syrian border, this lasted all the way up to the start of the war.
-0.8795 You have no idea how any other American would have acted, nor do I, and nor do I even give a shit because American leaders have always caused suffering in the region despite their party membership.
-0.8765 Firing rockets as civilians is a bad thing, but Israel started killing civilians long before Hamas came to existence.
-0.875 Which is worse, threatening to end these warmongering regimes, or conducting the actions of said regimes?
-0.8689 Must feel bad for you that people are becoming increasingly intolerant of Israels lies and warmongering.
-0.8555 Regardless, Ahmadinejad was an idiot, but he never said even once that he wanted to destroy Jews or Israel based on religion, that is some WW2 quality propaganda there.
-0.8402 Terrorists started the 1982 war in southern Lebanon. You do realize that nobody really buys that except for Israelis and their sympathizers.
-0.8176 The US invaded and destroyed Iraq and millions of Iraqis are dead based on illegitimate reasons.