/u/Ardekan is kind of a dick.

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0.886 Pretty sure Pakistan has the capability to produce super long range ICBMs if their interests call for it one day.
0.765 Wow such a powerful seperatism.
0.7615 They don't give a fuck about you or any other people in the region, on the contrary, they are happy to see us divided and at odds with each other.
0.743 Israel clearly provoked Syria and all their neighbors, and honestly, not even the Israelis themselves are calming otherwise.
0.7241 Iran was at 85% per 2012, so yeah this map is pretty inaccurate.
0.7184 Just because you decided to grace this thread with your alternate facts doesn't really change the subject at hand.
0.7156 Westerners be like: Iran throws Jews off of buldings!!!12! Daesh: Iran protects Jews too well!!!!12!
0.6682 Just you need more social freedom.
0.6369 They love to throw the term "svenske tilstander" around a lot.
0.6369 Iran is a mediocre country at best.
0.5754 I won't waste any more energy on you.

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-0.9501 Egypt started the Suez Crisis; they started the Six Day War; Syria started the Yom Kippur War; Jordan and Egypt started the War of Independence.
-0.8957 There are countries with sharia that do not carry out the death penalty or conduct torture.
-0.8807 Israel violated the DMZ with hundreds of attacks on the Syrian border, this lasted all the way up to the start of the war.
-0.875 He gets raped and murdered every day /s
-0.8689 Must feel bad for you that people are becoming increasingly intolerant of Israels lies and warmongering.
-0.8481 The problem is that Kurdish people are being abused by foreigners and have been since the Ottoman collapse.
-0.8402 Terrorists started the 1982 war in southern Lebanon. You do realize that nobody really buys that except for Israelis and their sympathizers.
-0.81 I understand that they are pursuing their interests, but perhaps they should stop with the retarded rhetoric.
-0.8074 I am annoying as hell.
-0.7964 And no I wouldn't ever lie or deny what I am because fuck that. I am an Atheist too, and so are many people in both Iran and Saudi Arabia.
-0.7865 There is a difference between saying "LOOK AT ME I AM DOING NOTHING WRONG" and spamming #natty in every single social media platform, versus not mentioning it at all.
-0.7845 Attacking other countries are acts of war.