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0.9382 Great use of the prompt, and compliments on both the beautifully executed turn of events as well as writing a truly menancing dragon.
0.9201 God gave me a patient smile, the fond one parents can be seen giving their children when the child is trying their best to grapple with something entirely new.
0.8881 Also, cheers for providing 'progress pictures' on your tumblr, they made the original picture even more interesting!
0.8779 Additionally, I'd like to praise you for working to improve your writing such as by submitting here - you're already well on your way.
0.8705 I greatly enjoyed that, thanks for sharing!
0.8687 Whatever the case, I found it to be easy to read yet very engaging - in other words, I'd warmly recommend it.
0.8625 If you're able to enjoy young adult fiction, I'm fairly certain you'll enjoy Epic as well.
0.8555 Theyre both showing their fondness of each other, and since the boy is unable to return the flowers, he returns his affection in the form of a smile.
0.8442 "Will you manage on your own, wise one?" Letting out a deep laugh, the shaman said, "I settled in these mountains when you were but a whelp, and I'll stay here for a while yet." He smiled again.
0.8402 This is super neat, especially with details on his armor as well the scenery, such as the second rock behind him being sliced in half.
0.8172 Best of luck!

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-0.8016 Though he usually had no issues with Elleya's complaints, it irritated him that she spoke so plainly in front of an elder of his own race - and a shaman, at that!
-0.6662 In the evening?" "Scared of the dark, Ghruul?" Elleya teased him, her dark eyes glinting.
-0.6486 ...do you need a seat?" Despite being dead, I must have looked a bit pale.
-0.5848 Not bad at all!
-0.5719 Lock in the answer." With a pale finger, the Grim Reaper sliced through the thread.
-0.5267 In some distant part of my mind, it struck me as funny that, even being dead, I still felt the need to take a deep breath to steady myself.
-0.5106 **The Necromancer's Heart.** *Once the heart of a powerful necromancer, the wizard refused to enter the afterlife even upon death and instead bound his soul to his dying heart.
-0.5106 Ghruul mastered his own disappointment.
-0.4767 A load of nonsense from an old, blind orc?" Ghruul turned his head to his elven companion, favouring her with a frown.
-0.4588 "I pick Rupert." While it is reasonably difficulty for a skull to wear any other expression than a grin, the Grim Reaper somehow still appeared taken aback at the haste of the response.
-0.4588 Elipsises make the readers 'pause', and while that seems to be the effect you're going for, using too many of them can slow down the text in an unfortunate sense.
-0.4439 Being a rogue, he was never quite comfortable being the center of attention.