/u/Anarchyorion is slightly positive.

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0.8166 So by enjoying her beauty we're disrespectful to her ?
0.7783 Doom was good, Prey was ok Sure maybe FO4 was a bit of a downer but it's still fun
0.7269 I mean...I'd watch if it's 8 hours video of HL2 with some cool mod, not 8 hours of HL2 on console graphics xD
0.7196 well it didn't work on low rig - I only have adventure map mod installed and the load time from around 25s increase to 2 - 4 minutes
0.7096 Wow Andrea look pretty af OwO Didn't recognize Marc because he cut his ponytail
0.659 That's look fucking great.
0.6124 Well you will get better eventually.
0.5994 Congratulation on biting Valve's bait That is their way of extending the game's length
0.5423 glory to Artzdotka
0.5267 You're brave.
0.4949 Don't worry, Very Concerned, Marc is fine.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8316 Idk wtf are you talking about, downloading shit back in the day is a fucking nightmare
-0.7964 Brutal, Savage, Rekt, Absolutely taken down.
-0.7845 wtf is wrong with you
-0.6369 and coal for black dye so we can remove those damn ludicrous squid
-0.6361 Highly doubt if he'd survive a house fire, especially at his age
-0.5423 then what the fuck is the point to have forge if not for the mods ?
-0.5423 why should I give a flying fuck about his ~~testicles~~ ~~testicovfefe~~ TESTIMONY
-0.5288 You don't know what is but you're so sure that it isn't bullsquid multiple times, what the hell ?
-0.5267 It's a smooth criminal
-0.4939 You can combine both I think - draw her tail on upper position and add a smear/arc down to lower position to show movements...Um...If that's unclear I can draw a doodle to demonstrate