/u/Amphire is very positive!

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0.9412 A lovely way to celebrate; even if it means you're giving all the gifts ;) Happy Birthday!
0.8986 They look so lovely hanging free like that.
0.891 I love the idea of starting with a beautiful pussy like yours in my face.
0.8655 I'd have loved to join you both for the film and the fun after!
0.8481 Looks like you're having fun ;) I like what you're working with.
0.8402 I'd love to fill you up and make you feel amazing.
0.8225 I'd love to give those beauties some attention.
0.8176 I'd love to play with you and that body ;)
0.8176 Damn, such a lovely view and a beautiful smile.
0.8126 I sure would like to help you with that ;)
0.8074 That cleavage is pretty great too.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7003 Goddamn, those hips drive me insane.
-0.5859 Can I suck on your tits?
-0.5423 Fuck, that's hot.
-0.5256 So sad that it ended.
-0.4767 Goddamn, that was hot.
-0.4019 Gah, this drives me insane when I see it.
-0.34 I'll shoot you a message soon and fill you in.
-0.296 And sexy as hell
-0.2259 Well don't you look wonderful today.
-0.2228 So sorry to hear that!
-0.1877 I still haven't had a chance to see Wonder Woman.
-0.1759 Damn, they sure are!