/u/Amphire is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9042 It's always nice to see those beautiful eyes, bubble blowing pussy, and well, every other sexy inch of you.
0.8834 I'd love to watch you play with your delicious looking pussy.
0.8555 I love how sexy that top is on you.
0.8468 Wow, that is so sexy.
0.8402 Those are lovely in that sexy top.
0.836 Ooo, the color looks great on your lovely body.
0.8316 I'd gladly take care of you and those big lovelies.
0.8225 Wow, your figure is something amazing.
0.8225 I'd love to have those beauties in my mouth.
0.8176 Damn, such a lovely view and a beautiful smile.
0.7964 Happy birthday, sexy girl.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 Let's fuck in every room of your house all day.
-0.4767 You poor thing.
-0.4767 That's exactly what I need; I'm the lone schmuck stuck in the office today.
-0.4753 Sneaky sneaky!
-0.4588 You've already got me abusing myself
-0.4215 I'll take it off of you slowly so I can hear you beg and whimper with impatience.
-0.296 Now just lower it on down.
-0.296 And sexy as hell
-0.2732 Can I be bored at your work with you?
-0.2263 And here I am thinking about squeezing your big tits while fucking your little pussy.
-0.1027 I have something hard that you can wrap it around.
-0.0772 Enjoy the rest of your Fuck Me Friday.