/u/Ambassador_Antlers is a total dick!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.6249 Well welcome to reddit.
0.6219 Please dont hurt me. Edit: Also what are those yellow streaks in the background?
0.5994 It looks like it has adventures to be told.
0.5423 Rest in peace comrade
0.5106 Its fun to say.
0.4939 I gotta hand it to ya.
0.4754 IIRC computers today are thousands of times more powerful than the ones on the apollo flights.
0.4576 He is incredibly smart in some fields while I am in others.
0.4215 Last week's rain and wind with a side order of sunny cold weather
0.4019 Help with what?
0.368 FYI, that chemical is everywhere in food.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9552 Fuck you, fuck the planet, fuck me, fuck everyone, fuck the universe.
-0.9001 I fucked up and feel bad now :c
-0.7964 Fuck this shit i'm [out].
-0.7783 I still like how these guys aren't venomous at all; while their tiny cousins will kill you. Edit: Shit.
-0.7521 Me: Fuck I can't find it. Friend: *looks in the same exact place* Found it!
-0.7428 However do it on a dead battery and if you have cut through a little and it's warm, put into cool water ONLY IF YOU HAVE CUT THROUGH IT A LITTLE.
-0.7269 Fuck I hope he gets himself killed one of these days.
-0.7227 Ive never been to the UK but just watching one of Tom Scott's videos where he was in Slough made me hate it.
-0.7069 Right now I just really want to scream fuck the world.
-0.6808 The hell do you live?
-0.6597 I had the CD to this and I lost it :c