/u/Alnabigha is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8779 Wow, stunning scenery indeed and you captured it beautifully.
0.8647 wow, that place is so amazing
0.8399 wow, that's so beautiful.
0.836 Wow, that's awesome.
0.836 wow, awesome scenery
0.836 Wow, great shot.
0.8279 Great shot and the sky colors combination look so nice
0.8196 Amazing scenery and you captured it so nicely.
0.8134 Wow, that place looks so nice.
0.802 Wow, congrats granny.
0.8012 wow, that's so nice!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6113 Aww, you look so sad kitty.
-0.5214 He looks so upset
-0.5009 He looks so exhausted.
0.0 so tidy, kitty
0.0516 Aww, how auspicious your dog is that he reaches 16 yrs.
0.25 Oh Paris, one of my dream places to visit.
0.3818 Stunning scenery
0.3818 stunning scenery
0.3818 I think everywhere in Iceland is picturesque.
0.4173 He really looks like a stuffed toy.
0.4215 Nice outfit dogs.
0.4404 You look good on your hoody, kitty cat.