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0.9001 I think we all would :-) Not sure If we manage to cum at the same time though ;) I definitely wnt her amazing pregnant body sitting on my face at some point.
0.8807 Sounds like a perfect plan to me ;) I am happy to eat both her holes while your hot juicy cock is in her
0.8689 I would love to feel it's grip against my cock while I play with your amazing asshole
0.8687 Your hairy pussy looks very delicious and the clamp looks like fun
0.8519 Her tits are amazing and her smile is beautiful.
0.8476 Mhm your pussy is very beautiful and looks quite delicious.
0.8402 Your asshole does look amazing and I would love to taste it.
0.7845 Good morning gorgeous
0.765 I would love to play with her
0.765 I would love to play with you
0.7506 Would love to share her with you

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7906 How about I lick your other tit and then your ass or pussy while you fuck?
-0.6872 Especially after he fucked You
-0.5423 Mhm if he gets your ass can I have your pussy?
-0.5423 I would let you watch how I eat and fuck it
-0.5423 You would be welcum to fuck her while I eat her
-0.3818 Have a seat on my face and I will lick both your holes until you cum screaming
-0.2263 All over your belly and tits
-0.1695 Don't we all ;)
-0.1531 Watching your cock inches away from my face disappearing in her juicy pussy
0.0 Mouthwatering
0.0 Really hot.
0.0 I am also concerned.