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0.9432 Your body is amazing, your smile is fantastic and he does have a nice cock :) Can't wait to see you two in action ;)
0.855 Wow you really do have an amazing ass! It looks very delicious
0.8316 Well maybe I can encourage them again by sucking on those yummy nipples?
0.8313 Wow it's perfect!
0.8225 Wow simply wow
0.8225 Wow she is amazing
0.743 I would love to use it as lube for a nice tit fuck before exploding all over her perfect tits
0.7184 I will then enjoy sucking our cream from her perfect tits
0.7003 Haha sorry - yeah I know that song ;) How much do you charge?
0.6808 It would be hot to eat your delicious looking pussy ;)
0.6696 Layers is a lot of fun! Do you get scared easily? Since Titanfall 2 is now in the ea access vault I have been starting to play that

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.765 I always imagine getting my dick pissed on ;)
-0.7269 I want her ass while you lick her clit and suck my balls
-0.6369 We can switch in between and you can apply the same rules to my cock ;) I do jump scare easily during horror games
-0.3818 Why are no hot wife's like yourself ever close to Germany :(
-0.25 Yeah i probably wouldn't dare to get to close for real anyway because I would be afraid to scare you away.
-0.1779 I am prepared to suck them as long as you want
-0.1531 You do know that I am a guy right? Never helped with a Cock before
-0.1265 I will suck on your nipples for as long as you don't get scared or jump during the game.
-0.0772 Sorry English is my second language
-0.0258 Nice ass and I like those hanging tits
0.0 Very much so.
0.0 Really hot!