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0.9231 Thank you for sharing this amazing view and for redirecting my blood flow ;-) Would you like to pm?
0.8625 I admire big boobs like you admire cocks ;)
0.8611 Your bush is incredibly sexy and your body so amazing.
0.8316 I love the eye contact during the bj and the cum on her is fantastic.
0.8313 Wow it is perfect!
0.8225 Wow what an amazing gif
0.802 I love it and want to lick you clean
0.7845 Yes I would love to watch.
0.7579 Nice bj nice cock Would you like another one into your mouth?
0.7165 The view really is amazing and I would do so many things to taste you ;)
0.7003 I would love to have a couple worship My cock.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 Pussy first then finish in ass
-0.4404 Or shall I just eat you while you suck him?
-0.4215 A pillow would be a waste of your body.
-0.3818 First I will eat both her holes until she cums screaming.
-0.2023 I wish I could fuck it right now
-0.1779 I want to taste it first before pushing my hard cock into it
-0.1531 Do you want your tits covered or your mouth filled?
-0.128 Mhm and you are clearly a bad girl who I want to lick
-0.1027 Then bend her over and take her hard
-0.0018 And I so want to push my cock between them
0.0 Which one do you prefer?
0.0 A wild and wet ride