/u/Alexj56a is kind of a dick.

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0.8625 The meta exists for a reason you have a statistically better chance of winning if you do pick meta heros.
0.8271 Thank you mod team for supporting the free meme market and for not being big brother.
0.7269 I'm pretty pleased with myself.
0.6486 Also please point out where I asserted that I was smarter than anyone else.
0.6369 America- The first amendment is one of the greatest ideas ever.
0.6249 Make the O-Line great again.
0.6249 Yeah chomsky also said the Islamic state is just as morally good as the U.S.
0.608 Poking fun of someone's grammar on an internet thread as a rebuttal and then insinuating that they are a child isn't exactly a solid argument.
0.5859 Wow I got amputated from all that edge.
0.5831 Sure some in the west aren't forced to wear it.
0.5423 Reddit once again praising communist dictators.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.908 Wow soo I guess those two Israelis that got stabbed are not important but what happend to this piece of shit kid is the worst thing ever.
-0.8689 Oh shit, sorry did i interrupt the "fuck America" circlejerk?
-0.8555 By that logic the jews should have killed every single German after world War 2.
-0.8434 So being oppressed warrents murder?
-0.8402 I said blame those savage piece of shit hamas members for setting up artillery near civilians
-0.7906 Plus in american history your taught that the red scare was just baseless paronia and that McCarthy was just a cook out to ruin lives.
-0.7823 My bad I fucked up and forgot the you So do you not see any blame on the stabbers?
-0.743 String of Muslim terror attacks
-0.7301 yeah you might get jail time if you don't serve when called, but what makes you think there would be FUCKING FIRING SQUADS.
-0.6956 How is this racist?
-0.6956 Zen is labeled as a healer but he can put some serious damage down the line.
-0.6705 Oh no you angered the reddit Marxists. They can't handle the fact that socialism is cancerous.