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0.9649 My wife and I are different but yes watching her with another lover is certainly very intense and an amazing turn on!
0.9612 If you are more of a v than a triad I don't see that they need to be best friends as long as they are civil and your partner respects that you're happy, safe and have fun with the meta.
0.9493 Wife and I love when her friends are cool with sharing her and giving her a good MFM experience.
0.9477 The idea is to show her it's ok and you are her best friend, that she can tell you anything and in fact it'll make you closer, and even love and desire her more for opening up to this idea.
0.9432 Congrats, sounds like she has a good friend and will be very happy with her new toy.
0.9306 We have only dabbled with actual cucking but I enjoy sharing her much more than I ever enjoyed being the bull.
0.93 Great pics, love the ring showing and clearly she is enjoying his big cock.
0.9268 Thank you very much and best of luck with your future fun!
0.9245 Great post thanks for sharing and have fun on the next date!
0.9153 Love the collar and that you are smiling and clearly having a good time.
0.9073 Very sexy and great you all enjoyed it so much.

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-0.8172 Truth is choking , even if you physically "do it right" can cause too much injury and sadly it sometimes manifests itself up to 20 min after you've stopped!
-0.7966 The whole hour or so he fucked her VERY hard and deep, and she came so many times, some lasting many minutes.
-0.6597 I then fucked her swollen wet pussy and shot my load deep into her.
-0.6369 Maybe you both should avoid choking, at least in the way you've been doing it.
-0.529 Yeah sometimes that happens either because of anxiety or just can't perform but congrats anyway.
-0.5242 If she can't accept the terms you need to stop it now and discuss it.
-0.4939 There are sometimes women looking for men who want a hotwife with the understanding she will always fuck other men.
-0.4804 So I am careful with canes and items to avoid tailbone and other areas of body that can cause injury.
-0.4767 Perhaps she felt ashamed or afraid you'd think less of her ?
-0.4404 That evening I had her put on a slutty bra/panty set, put her cuffs and collar on and blindfolded her before having her lay across the bed and await our guest.
-0.4149 No matter what, never post unedited pics or show them off without their consent.
-0.4019 By 10-15 seconds she is wet as hell and within a couple times she is deliciously in sub space.