/u/Aiyannaleigh is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8807 I love smiling :)
0.8689 Well I'm glad I could help :)
0.8625 I see super pretty girls like you guys on here all the time and they never seem to get the appropriate up votes as I think they should have.
0.8481 Your welcome kindly haha
0.836 Haha you're funny :)
0.829 That makes me so happy to hear :)
0.8225 Haha yes the possibilities are good.
0.8074 You seem like you're different than most guys as you appreciate certain little things whereas lots of guys take things for granted.
0.802 Thank you...did the stars help haha
0.8016 Form one girl to another, you are super cute!
0.8016 Super cute!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5267 That I blew a full scholarship to an ivy league school over a guy that was such a loser.
-0.1027 They are hard to find
-0.0474 People get so engrossed in their online presence that they loose a real life presence.
0.0 I actually needed the explanation.
0.0 I could imagine everything you were saying.
0.0 Exactly what you said!
0.0 Social media.
0.0 Less and less people know how to communicate face to face or even phone to phone anymore.
0.0 I've been wanting a massage for so long and still can't get one
0.0 This is so hot
0.0 It doesn't seem to follow.
0.0 Ditto to that