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0.9081 looks like a causal game i love to play :3 www.steamcommunity.com/id/agentzhao/
0.8955 Can i have Road to Ballhalla? My favorite youtuber would be dunkey, he has a very good sense of humour that i like
0.8807 I'd like to gift my friend who gave me fifa 17 in advance to tide over my holidays.
0.8439 It looks like a very fun puzzle game :) [steam id]
0.836 Definitely sao <3 :3
0.8225 Wow she looks amazing.
0.8122 Still love the tracks in game esp sonic boom 3.[steam id] Thanks op!
0.7845 I'd love jackbox party pack 2.
0.7574 avalanche 2 :super avalanche please!
0.75 Wow that's huge!
0.7184 I bet you wait to post this for the sweet sweet karma

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-0.6973 I'm almost lvl 30 and don't wanna waste time to do quests, especially the bot conquest which requires u to kill 100 bots :/
-0.6908 For example kill 100 bots.
-0.4767 Oh you poor thing
-0.4717 Can't wait xD
-0.4003 Shameless plug - use my code VLEMD to get $20 off your registration fee!
-0.34 Have to type it out manually :/
-0.296 No bots quest for lvl 20 and above?
-0.296 No wonder i don't see my emails on suggested words anymore when switching accounts.
-0.2732 Plus sometimes when I really need to reply to whatsapp chats prepaid charges me far too much for just a little bit of data.
-0.0772 Hey, thanks OP, i'd like random access murder. 345
0.0 More data vs sms.
0.0 the base plan does not come with any SMS so each one will cost 5c