/u/AaaThrowie is very positive!

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0.9565 "Yeah we gave it a go, put on a heck of a show, and did a lot of fun stuff we'll get to laugh about after." This was truly a beautiful and inspiring show to watch.
0.9194 I'm not a my little pony, but like my hysterical cub comrade, I too share the enthusiasm for people posting and sharing here on this subreddit.
0.9186 I know I often kiss and hug my big bears and love the idea that they're tucked into bed and safe and so on.
0.9117 We enjoy plushies, we're not going to hate ourselves or let others make us hate ourselves for enjoying something in this life.
0.906 Mhm never a dull moment with these guys XD And ah, my favorites are definitely the Costco twins.
0.9029 Brand name, whatever's good :D I'd love a wolf.
0.8979 :3 happy plushie loving.
0.8979 To use an analogy, it's like eating healthy food, it leaves me truly satisfied and fulfills something that I craved.
0.8934 :3 enjoy it, brush fur, tender love, sex, tick plushie in before heading out.
0.8847 Guess it's just a general idea for everything but I think it's best to keep in mind staying healthy.
0.8807 And that first big hug you give them just fulfills a desire that the plushie lovers have.

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-0.7579 Cashiers are supposed to ring up your stuff and forget you ever existed a second later, and put the money in the bag and no one gets hurt.
-0.6808 or fuck shit up if you've been treated like that more that once by them.
-0.6486 Fuck war, I'm gonna hug plushies instead.
-0.6239 You've fallen for my trap Sam!
-0.6124 No worries, I did the same thing for months before I got my bear.
-0.5994 I have a big bear who I'd just die for.
-0.5719 I started by filling it with color and then suggesting shapes with crude lines.
-0.5696 I summon http://m.imgur.com/2XY1vpQ Attack Sam!!
-0.5559 I can't hug a giant teddy without getting excited.
-0.5448 You don't need a special day to make a day special.
-0.3976 Totally got distracted by the topic.
-0.3612 Is it spam?