/u/737neo is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9312 My god you are gorgeous, love the confidence in that face!
0.9081 God you are gorgeous, wish I could help your out of those ;)
0.9077 Damn love that lingerie set really gorgeous on a gorgeous girl!
0.9041 Gorgeous, would love to help you out!
0.8999 Sexy and gorgeous, you look fun!
0.8979 Yes you do, gorgeous love more
0.893 Oh wow gorgeous, more please!
0.8622 Sexy and gorgeous, can't wait to see more ;)
0.8481 You are definitely ready gorgeous
0.8459 East bay and 23 but good luck!
0.8402 You are gorgeous show us your gorgeous body

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5423 Probably fuck you from behind and tug on your hair a bit.
-0.4404 Damn with a body like yours complements are easy as hell.
-0.4404 Suck and nibble on them while fucking you bare
-0.34 No problem cutie
0.0 Just tell me where and I'll be there!
0.0 Signs me up!
0.0 If you set one up in the sf Bay Area again let me know!
0.0 Had my first flight in one!
0.0 Just tell me when and where!
0.0 Tell me where and I'd be there!
0.0 Sneak a look?
0.0 If you mean yourself then 100% correct