/u/6chanon9 is kind of a dick.

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0.7003 I like to see her butthurt white knights like you coming out of their graves and post that one odd comment desperately trying to save her honour.
0.5719 /u/namo4pm still wins.
0.5688 Looks like he has left quite an impression on you by the sound of it.
0.5574 Nah, dalits like you can only afford hijras like /u/vegpups.
0.5267 Congrats for getting your cherry popped by randifags.
0.5267 What do I gain from it?
0.4927 Average firangs are far more attractive than average indians.
0.4767 But tbf she looks prettier and has a sexier flab less bod than most, if not all randian grils.
0.4588 lulz darr gayi jo comment delete kar diya?
0.4404 Good that you have know your place in the world.
0.4404 The only good thing about islam is it knows how to keep its women in their place.

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-0.9062 If you are still traumatised from the last time you got fucked raw dog, come here with a can of burnol shoved up your ass.
-0.872 Videsi died choking on my dick.
-0.8271 You are just jealous that nobody wants rape you lungis for having a dark fugly face.
-0.8225 Since your mental capability of a five year old was not able to provide an answer, it's because your imbecile dad fucked his sister to make you.
-0.8074 Does "fuck off try hard retard" work for you?
-0.7994 Getting raped by bangladeshi labourers is nothing to be proud of.
-0.7906 to answer your question, she does send me her nude pics and also lets me fuck her ass.
-0.7783 Give it a few months and a few porn blocking; the same faggots will be ranting day in and day out on Jio.
-0.743 Lunginigs wonly have their tumbler of rasam to drown their sorrows in.
-0.7269 And take that real people with real emotions crap and shove it up your ass where you took it out from before you comment on bakchodi.
-0.7184 i miss that kashmiri faggot
-0.6908 Aisi hi koi waifu chahiye mujhe rape karne ke liye.