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0.9253 I've never thought about it, but I definitely agree that the music does a great job in setting the atmosphere.
0.8831 I've met him before and he was very police and nice, but he gave off a really strong "please don't talk to me anymore" vibe.
0.8768 That was a great read, thanks so much for sharing.
0.8658 The data may be skewed by the large number of extreme values, but I tend to agree with and trust the imdb rating of most films .
0.8555 I like how a lot of the picks back then end up being some of the strongest heroes in 6.83c: Storm, Lina, Vengeful Spirit, Shadowfiend, Earthshaker, and Sniper.
0.8271 That's the year their Dota 2 roster won their world championship as well.
0.8126 The EU hub had a lot of fun with twitch chat, and it was great.
0.8126 Love the adorable [picture] of Christopher Lee/Count Dooku with giant glasses.
0.8065 I didn't expect so many fans of the wise wolf here, hope some of you can drop by /r/SpiceandWolf and party with us! Also, all aboard the [SS ~~Apple~~ Holo!]
0.8047 It might be true, but for the past 3 years the winners of the EU qualifiers have never even made it to the top 10 in the International.
0.7973 Probably not the best, but the fireworks show + song at the end of episode 6 of Watamote was pretty neat.

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-0.9185 There's a lot of violence in the show beforehand, but the protagonist murdering a child really cemented how messed up their world was.")
-0.7351 To mitigate that weakness, you can try lvl 1 Roshan with Lycan lvl 1 Howl and Venge lvl 1 wave of terror so that everyone is lvl 2 by the time creeps spawn.
-0.7269 On enemy team: Ball lightning On my team: Missed pudge hook on stunned target jajaja
-0.7269 I am so glad that [she made it through the end, I was really worried that she would die when Europa attacked the city.]
-0.6705 Just wondering, can remote mines be killed during sleep?
-0.5334 This feels lazy and stale, not fresh and clever like they used to be.
-0.4767 But maybe I'm wrong and everyone else is having a blast.
-0.3612 It's a difficult metric because during Alliance's reign, any patch changes were very minor until after TI3.
-0.344 Having things you like getting torn down by closed minded people isn't very fun.
-0.296 I probably missed out on 20 years of her life while reading the English subtitles.
-0.2755 I wouldn't recommend it.
-0.2755 It's not like Alliance had to deal with new items or a changed map between Dreamhack Invitational and TI3.