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0.9808 wow great body sexy perieced nips and lovely playful bush great way you shot this too your awesome!
0.9677 oh that is lovely but id have liked to see it before you trimmed it even more your so sexy love ur nips
0.936 Lovely areola cute lil nipples perfect size for my hand id give a solid ten
0.936 lovely areolas back up my cute lil dot nips great body and i assume sexy pussy
0.9299 so beautiful you have a great smile :)
0.9299 Maybe trying to be a better co worker but also alot to do with making myself more attractive but also improving my self esteem all seemed to improve when i began keeping up with hygiene.
0.9286 love to pointy nips and the overall shape look great more like boobs id see in old playboys before all the growth hormones in milk just something about them is hot
0.9243 very hot great body and perky tits would love to see her bush grown out nice sexy pussy lips looks tasty and cute lil ass
0.9208 wow coloration the different shades of pink and perfect wetness so amazingly sensual please keep sharing
0.92 wow just wow love!
0.9186 id like to see some nipple play maybe some ice or a good pinch and yeah u read my mind ;) Also down the line it looks like u got a great ass so maybe that

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-0.7935 If someone does it right yes sex can be painful at first but it should stop if it's making you cry.
-0.7627 For sometimes being dirty and not having the best hygiene i actually kept a cleaner room and house with roommates then when i lived alone.
-0.7184 For me it was part not seeing it as being worth it i had low self esteem and was simply lazy things have changed for me where i have gotten sick of being the way i was.
-0.6808 here for a check up but i think ill get my cock out while im waiting...
-0.6705 Some struggles i do see is getting past some barriers that have to do with culture and upbringing that unfortunately are affected by race.
-0.5719 hell yeah but wtf position were you in lol
-0.4767 you said "just thinking about it disgusts me" does any part of you maybe even subconscious think about it during these current acts?
-0.4497 I dunno but i just feel that white ladies for the most part are sexually and physically boring
-0.4026 no one should feel forced too that is unhealthy i really hope you can figure this out and move on but i think your taking the right steps by talking about it and trying to do something.
-0.4019 Dump these losers and pick up a guy who is comfortable moving at your speed and working with you to get you off i dunno just thoughts
-0.3612 It may be that you can't be in a relationship until you move past the first experience i'm sorry for what happened to you no on deserves that.
-0.352 It sounds like you had a very unfortunate and unfair first experience that you may need to get consoling to help you through.