/u/0blivion76 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9178 and I'd love to do nothing but make you feel good :) You are any mans dream.
0.9153 Good morning lovely, you have one terrific pair of bewbs :)
0.9118 I salute your wonderful boobs and wish you a great weekend as well.
0.9061 This was excellent, I especially liked the way you made your jewel dance :)
0.8979 I hope you find someone to help you take care of those terrific boobs.
0.8957 I hope you sleep well lovely :)
0.8925 Agreed, especially with such lovely works of art like yours :)
0.8885 Happy Friday Lovely :)
0.8689 night, sleep easy and dream well Lovely.
0.8625 Would gladly love to :)
0.8581 And you look fucking awesome pleasuring yourself.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6497 Why would haters not like you having orgasms?
-0.5106 Your a hot sexy as fuck heartbreaker.
-0.4588 I'm mildy jealous of your sex toy.
-0.3561 *rips off his cock and throws it at you* I volunteer as tribute!!!
-0.34 chucks, flipflops, combat boots.
-0.2748 If it matters, you've made me feel a bit less lonely.
-0.1531 Is it a bad thing or a good thing that I find this mesmerizing and could watch it for hours?
-0.1384 Hopefully you won't feel so lonely.
0.0 Do you take reservations?
0.0 Is there an entrance exam for this position?
0.0 You have one bodacious booty.
0.0 This is an erotic work of art.