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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9689 Oh sugar, you are far too kind in your most generous comments, but I am thoroughly delighted that you enjoyed listening to this little girl give a most keen aural thank you.
0.9612 Your lovely voice possesses a particular tone which is perfect for reading such delectable and sexy versifications as /u/pennyforyourtautbod's wonderful script.
0.9569 Sugar, you might have peculiar taste in Tartes, but I do so adore you for it. Thank you for the most warm and tinkly welcome.
0.9421 Oh sugar, this is utterly delicious and you have the most delectable voice, in equal parts cute and amazingly sexy.
0.9136 Thank you for sharing this sweet delight.
0.9097 /u/Belle_in_the_woods is a most talented writer and your performance of both of these beautiful poems is an utterly delicious listen.
0.9001 I like to think that you were and in return I thank you kindly, darling.
0.8971 Sam, you really an absolute darling and this was lovely and sweet.
0.891 /u/submrs wrote beautiful lines of the quality of submission and your gorgeous voice breathed life into the words, giving them a measured pulse of want and need.
0.891 Welcome back to the delicious delight that is GoneWildAudio, sugar.
0.8824 Awww darling, this is nothing short of being unfailingly adorable and you really are inresistably cute, sugar.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8442 No threesomes with people that I am going to murder, no.
-0.7096 I think that I would probably drown and that would me no more audios naughty or otherwise for you.
-0.6597 But nothing, Oreos are downright evil.
-0.6597 You are a right sneaky bastard, aren't you?
-0.6486 I had thought so, but you have managed to scare one up as a part of your duplicitous scheme.
-0.4767 Your words and the way you speak have given rise to a marked wickedness in me.
-0.4404 Much sadness.
-0.4404 As a girl who has been known to hide behind plant pots to avoid cameras, I would say that is highly unlikely.
-0.4005 This is quite ridiculously hot and now I am off to listen to it for the second time.
-0.3657 That is because you have an exceedingly dirty mind and I am a very dirty sweet Tarte.
-0.3415 *pout* However, seeing that I managed to somehow survive the hell that was my Monday I am inclined to be a most forgiving Tarte.
-0.296 I tend to spend my Mondays doing naughty things to distract myself from the fact that it is Monday.