/u/-starsider- is kind of a dick.

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0.875 Fox News had Clinton winning the election 49:44, CNN had 7:3, and while the end results did up being pretty even, Trump ended up winning.
0.8402 We can only hope that humanity finds a way to save regenerate it's atmosphere or we do better with our next planet.
0.8291 Probably wont work too well in real games but in vs Ai games I feel like her as a hero is a little overpowered.
0.8271 I haven't seen any since then but I can only hope they've gotten better with addressing the community.
0.8271 Micro and Macro are literally inverses, but if you'd like to explain the differences feel. If the USD appreciates, we can buy more with our dollar.
0.8126 He's all for helping those in need, but "There's plenty of perfectly able people out there not doing anything."
0.8047 I'm not saying that I wouldn't do that myself but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to execute someone if you disable them.
0.792 The worst part of it all is going to be the fact that rates won't go back down once it's repealed. I don't know if the new one will be any good but let's just hope that it's not as bad.
0.7906 However any time there's someone with 11+ strength, they win.
0.7865 LMAO Please inform me how.
0.7783 I'm staying in my subs, I was never a part of alt-right but I can tell you just love clumping everyone with a different opinion than yours in one category.

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-0.9352 I agree, I don't want people like altright no matter their political views on reddit, but you guys as I've said; You can't say that fascists bad while also being fascist yourself, it's hypocritical.
-0.9183 "We're tired of your offensive words you racist, sexist, homophobic, bully, so sit your ass down." I know both parties do name calling but holy shit, come on guys.
-0.8807 They told the person who said that everyone hated traps under hooks that they don't have any data on the fact that everyone hates the trapper changes and that they are wrong.
-0.8781 They really fucked over SWTOR and I can't forgive them for shutting down Star Wars Galaxies and then making SWTOR trash.
-0.8689 Obama was also the first black president, not many people are going to say they dislike him due to the fear of being labeled as a racist.
-0.836 How about you actually work with him instead of calling him names right out of the gate. I guess it's also racist of me to think North Korea is going to start the next war.
-0.8316 and it stated that some of the victims of gun violence were shot while they were robbing a house.
-0.8151 I'm all for free speech but I've had plenty of people who are anti-hate and want hate speech banned use those words against me.
-0.8126 If they do follow an unlawful command it's considered a war crime by the US
-0.8043 Censorship, especially in war time, is very common. They broke the rules so they get kicked out.
-0.7964 He's also saying that you should shoot to kill.
-0.796 It's also kind of dumb that Mass Effect 3 said fuck your choices we have a story to tell.