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0.9639 I've got you." So lovely and sweet, Andeh. My absolute favorite parts, though, were the sweet reassurance and praise!
0.9531 I loved the complete and utter dorkiness; it was so perfect and so adorable and charming.
0.9526 I haven't used them but I have friends who sing their praises and figured it might be worth a mention for these reasons too! Have fun!
0.9509 I genuinely love playing with them: massaging them gently with my hand during oral or jerking my partner off, I love sucking on them and feeling them in my mouth...
0.9497 Your voice is absolutely lovely and the guitar was wonderful as well. Also, I really, REALLY need to say that, as a sub and complete LotR nerd, that your name is fucking amazing and perfect.
0.9485 The sweet and gentle kisses and lovely affirming words and praise.
0.9444 This audio was so sweet and loving and cute and incredibly hot! This audio was lovely.
0.9375 :D I used to love seeing the cute little fish with its pretty rainbow foil scales in the book.
0.9331 BUT I DIGRESS. The Pure Plug is great for wearing long lengths of time and is easy to use, remove and clean.
0.9323 As a switch, I think it's really nice to see that you enjoyed it as much as you did, especially for your first time! You deserve that pleasure and happiness.
0.9286 I admittedly haven't listened yet but I wanted to say how delighted I was to see that, especially since hearing "good girl" is my favorite thing ever, basically.

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-0.8979 Sex Criminals is rad, Saga, Bitch Planet, Rat Queens, The Wicked + The Divine...
-0.8718 What a pain. My twitter has a very unfortunate underscore that causes the same amount of disappointment.
-0.8176 That's frustrating as hell.
-0.7456 And LOUD AS HELL.
-0.7213 Which is freaking RIDICULOUS.
-0.6492 It's really genuinely interesting!) I don't want you to think that this is a "sex fail" at all!
-0.636 This sounds excruciatingly hot and sensual and intimate. There are a lot of reasons that this could happen!
-0.6263 There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with being a virgin.
-0.5849 When I was younger and started having sex, I was really embarrassed about having to tell my partner that I was on my period let alone wanting to have sex during it.
-0.5667 but it wasn't ideal.
-0.5106 Don't think of yourself as failing up until this point.
-0.4767 I can't tell you how badly I needed to hear this right now.