/u/-L3G10N- is very positive!

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0.9706 Your hair is so amazing and you are overall really cute and quite gorgeous <3 ps: welcome to GoneMild :)
0.9564 I don't really "like" Togepi but it's a quite cute crop top and you have an amazing tummy :3
0.9511 It's good morning for me but i hope this does count too :3 ps: you are so adorable
0.9366 A bit sleepy but otherwise i'm doing fine :) ps: nice to read that you prefer the mild side :3
0.93 Super cute smirk and a gorgeous tummy <3
0.927 That's probably one of the cutest and most adorable smiles i've ever seen <3
0.926 Your hair <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
0.9217 Lovely smile and a gorgeous tummy <3
0.9184 Very beautiful tummy and i like your hair color ps: welcome to GoneMild :3
0.8979 Not THE best animal buddy when it comes to Nintendo games but pretty how on my list :)
0.8979 The last picture looks promising :3 I hope we'll see more of your tummy in the future :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6574 I regret nothing :P
-0.5106 I do hope this will get sorted out as quickly as possible and that it hurts the random person more than it hurts you.
-0.2535 If you get a thunder stone with the Pikachu then it would be cool but i don't like Pikachu.
-0.1692 Cute but not the nose but i also don't like the dog filter that other people use.
-0.1531 I doubt it ;)
-0.1531 Only one missing is Marshadow but it's not released yet in my region.
-0.0286 What IF i don't want to see your strip album but just regular mild posts instead?
0.0 It seems to be a fantasy series based on some fantasy novels.
0.0 I'm watching the Shannara Chronicles and hunting some shiny Pokemon
0.0 First word that came to my mind was "sensual"
0.0 As i said on another post with the same title: Already done in october 2015 and in november 2016 .
0.0 Already done in october 2015 and in november 2016 .