/u/-L3G10N- is very positive!

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0.9758 Not sure how i feel about those piercings but your stomach looks nice and your smile is super gorgeous <3
0.9678 Wow, that's a pretty good picture when it comes to quality o.O Also the angle is very nice, the panties are cute and you are still amazing <3
0.967 Don't seem that "small" to me but they are lovely and are quite beautiful in general :) ps: nice username
0.9441 Long time no see but your posts still make me smile and your stomach is still so gorgeous <3
0.9382 Adorable smile, cute panties and such a beautiful tummy <3
0.9349 I didn't know that they are popular but i always liked them and i also like a beautiful stomach.
0.9271 Love crop tops <3 I really do hope that your username is still a thing
0.9159 A bit big but they still look pretty good and i really like the thicker corners of the frame.
0.9136 Pale skin, lovely breasts, beautiful red hair and a gorgeous stomach.
0.9136 Beautiful post, lovely breasts and a gorgeous stomach.
0.9132 I would be delighted if you would post here more often :) ps: nice stomach :3

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-0.6428 You look pretty young but if you are really 16 then there should be no problem on this sub.
-0.5423 I didn't see anything that was even remotely violating any rule
-0.528 I did play Warcraft 3 + The frozen Throne back in the days but for some reason i never got into WoW
-0.4588 Beautiful post but still reported because it violates the first GM rule
-0.429 If you need to ask if it's too far, it's probably too far." The first picture is fine, the second probably too but the third is very questionable
-0.395 I can only speak for myself but you don't need to thank me.
-0.3626 Can you explain why you feel a little insecure lately?
-0.3491 I think it was /u/jackieskye but not 100% sure.
-0.296 Only thing that is missing is a verification picture - so i had to report your post.
-0.2846 Not sure what you exactly mean but no person on this planet has a 100% symmetrical body.
-0.128 It always feels good to report such obvious violations of the GM rules
-0.1027 How hard is it to read the rules of a subreddit?