/u/-L3G10N- is very positive!

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0.9738 The undercut isn't really my thing but you have a very beautiful face, a great smile and gorgeous eyes.
0.9562 Interesting hair color combination and i really like your smile :3 and love your tummy <3
0.9551 Not sure how the subreddit thinks about it but i say it does count and you have a very beautiful face with amazing eyes <3
0.9493 Nice tummy, cute smile and beautiful face in general and pretty cool hair.
0.9446 First of all you have incredibly beautiful eyes <3 Besides that you have a very nice face and such an adorable smile .
0.9437 You are so adorable :3 and you have a very beautiful tummy <3
0.936 Gorgeous smile, nice tummy and cute panties :)
0.9337 Beautiful tummy <3 and gorgeous hair :3
0.93 Redhead with a cute smirk <3 I'm playing some ARMS right now ;) edit : i hope you'll come more often to GoneMild :3
0.9231 Cute panties, nice top and such a lovely tummy <3
0.9161 Nice bikini bridge and stomach but what i like the most are the suble freckles <3 <3

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-0.6204 So lemonade is a "bitch beer"?
-0.4592 Sorry, reading is not my strong suit .
-0.2874 I've seen my fair amount of "over the edge" posts in the last weeks and i'm not sure if the people simply don't read the rules or ignore them on purpose.
-0.25 Not intending to be rude but why you only send it out via PMs and not as an actual post?
-0.228 Personally i prefer almost no makeup .
-0.1779 Unfortunately the blue ones are sold out but the red ones would be still available.
-0.1154 In my teenage years i couldn't stand being in crowds of people but now i'm mostly ok with it and can ignore most people when i go out.
-0.0772 Said no one ever ;)
-0.0572 If you don't want to talk about it here in the comments you can hit me up via PM .
-0.0572 If you don't want to post it to this sub i'm probably going to report you.
0.0 /u/inthenameofkittens
0.0 May i ask what this shirt is?