/u/-L3G10N- is very positive!

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0.975 Not "really important" but i appreciate it nonetheless, because you are amazing so far :) ps: nice oldskool tv in the background :P
0.9578 It's always nice to see you and your beautiful smile - thanks for brightening my morning :3
0.9538 You have a super cute smile and beautiful face in general, also i think your eyes are gorgeous .
0.9274 Those freckles are amazing <3 and you are beautiful :)
0.9217 Gorgeous stomach, a beautiful smile and a nice set of underwear .
0.9186 Thanks :) ps: i would love to see your stomach more often on here <3
0.9118 The title made me laugh pretty good and i got just out of bed - so that's a good start into the day.
0.908 Cats can be the most beautiful and asshole creatures at the same time - gotta love them for that :)
0.9042 Still lovely and still a great looking stomach :3
0.9022 Your slight smile on the fifth picture is super beautiful and your body is fine too.
0.8979 ;) Nice color and also a beautiful stomach :3

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-0.7184 Conclusion: If the guy dumped you because he thought you are too chubby, then i would say he was/is kind of an idiot or he should get his preferences right.
-0.5972 This could be one of the reason why you have have the problems ("been in a relationship; never even been kissed.
-0.5814 I can't speak for every male person on this planet but personally i don't really care that much about sex, especially as i got older.
-0.5216 You are not ugly, but a beautiful woman instead.
-0.3818 Sorry, i just woke up and i'm a bit confused.
-0.3612 So you have a Swarm tattoo but you are forever alone?
-0.296 I think there is something wrong here ;)
-0.296 I think there is something wrong about the post or title ;)
-0.296 Rule 7: Don't post more than once a month. More info Also there is no verification picture.
-0.2755 Who doesn't like pokeballs?
-0.2315 ps: just a little addition, no face is 100% symmetrical .
-0.2235 Maybe it's my age or state of mind but having sex is not that important to me.